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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Wednesday 24 September 2014

Atticus Finch

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In taking the name of one of American literature’s great heroes for their East Brunswick bar, the folks behind Atticus Finch weren’t necessarily trying to invoke his spirit, more the feel of the era in which To Kill A Mockingbird is set. It’s something they’ve done with panache, creating an old school, period charm in a venue adorned with vaudevillian posters, taxidermy and boasting a wide collection of 1940s jazz records. Out back, there’s a surprisingly large beer garden that makes clever use of the narrow space and has a workman’s shed housing a pool table too.

But looks alone wouldn’t be enough to catch The Crafty Pint’s eye. No, siree. That’s where the four taps featuring Aussie craft beers that regularly change, plus the well structured bottled beer listings on the menu, come into play. The beer selection’s in keeping with the whole ethos with regard to alcohol: the wines are from small wineries, there’s a lovingly curated, broad selection of spirits and liqueurs and a large and growing range of whiskies, particularly Scottish single malts.

Food offerings are kept simple – think charcuterie platter – while the seasonal cocktail list is anything but. Add in regular beer and whisky tastings, such as the Beer School evening hosted there in mid-2010, plus a laidback vibe and DJs on Friday and Saturdays and you’ve got a place worthy of such a legendary name.