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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Friday 19 September 2014

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Don Bradman. Uluru. Sydney Harbour Bridge. The MCG. All Aussie icons, but are any as loved as a chicken parma washed down with beer? There’s no better place to pose the question than at Mrs Parma’s. Since opening at the end of 2006, it’s been dedicated to great pub grub, Victorian craft beer and, of course, the best variety of parmas in the land – right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

The idea to build an entire enterprise around the classic Aussie pub pairing belongs to friends and fellow chefs Fiona and Melissa. Both had backgrounds in fine dining but shared a soft spot for flavoursome beer and a desire to bring the standards of good restaurants to traditional pub fare. Now you’ll find ten different parmas on the menu – from the traditional with double smoked ham, Napoli and cheese, through Moroccan Meatball to the epic Parma'geddon, Melbourne’s hottest parma made with a special chili recipe that takes three days to prepare – plus other bistro classics.

Lovers of Australian craft beer are equally spoilt. Victorian brews feature across the ten taps, two of which are on constant rotation and usually reserved for exclusive or extremely limited run beers that disappear fast. The girls also invite brewers along for talks and tastings and are regulars at events like the Federation Square Microbreweries Showcase.

Great beer and the Art of Parmology – so Aussie it deserves a Slim Dusty song.