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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 18 September 2014

Bright Brewery Pilot Light - Bright Brewery


Bright Brewery Pilot Light

With the expansion complete and brewing operations back up and running again at Bright Brewery, the new beers are starting to flow from Jon Seltin. The first one to grace the taps of the brand spanking new Alpine set up is the Pilot Light, a sessionable English IPA. John tells us: “The Pilot IPA is a single batch release [at] 2.9 per cent crafted to taste like something much bigger. It was actually a really fun beer to brew, and quite a balancing act – it can be difficult to make a really full bodied beer that is able to hold up to the hopping schedule of an IPA, while keeping it under three per cent ABV. It’s full of Celeia and East Kent Goldings hops, added throughout the boil and also generously dry-hopped post fermentation. The grist was almost all English Marris Otter, mashed very warm and thick to yield a really dextrinous wort.” It’s on tap at the Brewery now but not expected to last too much longer than this long weekend.


Bright Brewery

Style: English IPA
Strength: 2.9%


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