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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 18 September 2014

Illawarra Saison du Soleil - Illawarra Brewing Company


Illawarra Saison du Soleil

The last time the boys at Illawarra played with saison yeast, for the 2012 GABS festival, we ended up with the rip-roaring Saison Rouge. Well, they’ve been at it again and have a little something to help ease your thirst as summer 2013 heats up to record levels. Called Saison du Soleil, or ‘Season of the Sun’, it’s very much an Australian interpretation of the old continental saison style. Firstly there’s the all-Australian malts, flaked wheat and spelt, then there’s the Aussie and Kiwi hops which bring out the fruity characters; think along the lines of pine, orange and citrus. Here, those hops add quite a pronounced whack of bitterness and contribute to a bit more fullness than might be expected from a traditional saison. Not that there’s no tradition; the brewers’ favourite French saison yeast was used, but fermented at a relatively low temperature which contributes to a lingering, dry finish. With enough lightness to be a quencher but a big enough body to make sure it’s noticed, Illawarra’s Saison du Soleil is a welcome Aussie saison for this most Aussie of seasons. Nick O


The Albion Hotel
Harts Pub
The Local Taphouse Darlo
Murray’s At Manly
Illawarra Brewing Company
Warners at the Bay (Growler fill only)
Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice
The Little Prince

Style: French Farmhouse Ale
Strength: 5.5%


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