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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Friday 19 September 2014

Mountain Goat Little Sister - Mountain Goat


Mountain Goat Little Sister

We’re really not sure any beer that brings to mind Billy Idol singing ‘White Wedding is a good thing. However, when it’s a new beer from Mountain Goat, perhaps we can be a little forgiving. Little Sister is, of course, the little sister to another of their beers, in this case Rapunzel, the brewery’s regular annual release that takes the form of a Strong Belgian Golden Ale. No prizes for guessing what Little Sister is then… According to Eggborough Dave Brighton, the beer uses the same basic grist, slightly tweaked hops (Nelson Sauvin in the whirlpool), is much lower in alcohol and has “a super dry finish”, although presumably not in the “Pioneering Beering” or clothing for chavs sense. It’s “funky, phenolic, with some fruity hop character from the Nelson Sauvin” and slightly bitter too.


Mountain Goat
Others tbc

Style: Belgian Golden Ale
Strength: 4.3%
Bitterness: 28 IBU


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