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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Monday 22 September 2014

Mountain Goat The Naz - Mountain Goat


Mountain Goat The Naz

Goat fans will be aware of The Craig, a beer made by one of the Goat brewers called, incredibly, Craig. In fact, true fans will be aware that there have been two Craigs. And now, following in The Craig’s footsteps comes The Naz, a beer concocted by fellow brewer Shane, aka Naz. As The Naz is a guardian of The Crafty Pot, we probably need to say something good about his beer so he keeps being nice to her. Thankfully, that’s not a problem as he’s come up with a well balanced mocha porter that’s had lovely things such as cocoa nibs thrown at it, resulting in a smooth, rounded winter quaffer that’s creamy, chocolatey, the tiniest bit roasty and easily good enough that we don’t need to rescind his honorary membership of the Pint clan just yet.


Mountain Goat
Beer Cartel (growler fills)
Rockwell & Sons (opening soon)
Others TBC

Style: Mocha Porter
Strength: 5.2%


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