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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Wednesday 17 September 2014

Red Duck Long Shot - Red Duck Brewery


Red Duck Long Shot

A public service announcement with this beer. This was a beer brewed in conjunction with a team of six people from Westgate Brewers (a home brew group from Melbourne) to a recipe by one of their members called Amber. It was a prize for winning the last VicBrews home brew competition. The whole brew day event was coordinated by award-winning home brewer John Kingston. Unfortunately, brewer Scott Wilson-Browne had a brain fade and put the wrong name on the label. So, when you pick one up and prepare to indulge yourself in its mocha-like treats, courtesy of Campos coffee and EquaGold organic Dutch cocoa, and read “John Preston” on the label, be aware that while John Preston is a very nice man and runs a very nice home brew shop called Grain and Grape, he had nothing to do with this beer. This beer was brewed by John Kingston, Amber and friends. And don’t you forget it.


Purvis Cellars
Press Cellars
Blackhearts & Sparrows
Swords Select
Olinda Cellars

Style: Chocolate Coffee Porter
Strength: 6.0%


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