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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 18 September 2014

Red Duck Ragnarok - Red Duck Brewery


Red Duck Ragnarok

There’s something a little disturbing about the story behind this new release from Red Duck. According to the release notes: “Ragnarok, from Norse mythology, is the final battle of the Gods, in which most are killed, and the Earth is destroyed. It would be the end of the world as we know it. But the outcome isn’t all bad, as a few Gods survive, as well as 2 humans who are able to repopulate a new and cleansed world.” All well and good, but as they go on to explain that the beer is a collaboration between Red Duck’s Scott Wilson-Browne and Beer Here’s Christian Skovdal Andersen, the implication is that they are the two men responsible for repopulating the Earth. Hmmm… Still, at least the beers their offspring would be drinking would be nothing less than fascinating. Or perhaps they’re among the few Gods who survive? Either way, the beer they’ve produced is suitably epic, a big, bold Belgian style quadrupel full of luscious dark fruit characters and with an alcohol warmth that’s boosted by the addition of a wee bit of dried chilli. Like the Hop Bach, there’s just 650 wax sealed swing top bottles around and once they’ve gone, it’s even more gone than the Earth post-Ragnarok.


Purvis Cellars
Press Cellars
Blackhearts & Sparrows
Swords Select
Olinda Cellars

Style: Belgian Quad
Strength: 10.6%


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