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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Tuesday 23 September 2014

Red Hill Pilsner - Red Hill Brewery


Red Hill Pilsner

The Pilsner is dead! Long live the Pilsner! Yes, the first move by Red Hill on the beer front since pulling down the shutters of their onsite bar and restaurant to focus on making more beers is to add a new one to their permanent range. So, joining the Golden Ale, Scotch Ale and Wheat Beer comes the Pilsner. Not the Bohemian Pilsner that was one of their summer seasonals, but a newbie that’s changed in more ways than losing its prefix. Lower in alcohol than the Bohemian and extremely pale in colour, it still presents as beautifully in the glass with a soft, lasting foamy head and is more hop-focused than its predecessor. The sweetness from the malt is there, but very much as the backbone upon which the distinctly spicy hops can shine. Refreshing, dry and moreish, it makes the Red Hill family that little bit bigger and happier.

Style: Pilsner
Strength: 5.2%


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