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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 18 September 2014

Bacchus Brewing

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It’s fair to say there’s not another brewery in Australia like Bacchus. Whether it’s the number of new beers they release in a calendar year – more than 120 last time around – or the way in which they do it – carrying out concurrent brews on multiple small systems – they’re unique. As are many of the beers they brew too, from rum cask-aged Baltic porters to ales with macadamia and honey and the rather idiosyncratic Cock Ale (containing chicken, in case you’re getting nervous).

If it sounds like something a particularly active and creative home brewer might get up to, then it is, kind of, as Bacchus is based in a giant home brew supplies store and its multiple brewhouses were originally used for a “brew your own beer” business. It was taken over in July 2010 by Ross Kenrick, himself a successful home brewer who was looking for a premises for his Craftbrewer business, who promptly set about putting together a team to create the huge array of beers that flows through their 27 in-house taps, fills their wort kits for home brewers, and finds its way onto a growing number of taps around Queensland and, on occasion, further afield. They brew beers for a handful of contract brewers and venues too, including 4 Hearts Brewing, and will even brew them for you if you’ve got a recipe in mind and would like to turn it into 50 litres of beer.

Alternatively, you can buy a selection of Bacchus beers in five litre mini-kegs from their Capalaba home, where there’s much else to buy too, whether you’re a home brewer of any standard or someone looking to deck out a bar with goods from The Pub Shop. There’s a vast collection of pretty much every piece of kit you could wish to get your hands on and a staggering amount of ingredients too. When The Crafty Pint called in, there were more than 100 grains, 140 different hop products and 110 yeast strains in stock; little wonder the brewers there are able to knock out so many new beers in a year…

Please note: the beers listed as regulars below are those regularly pouring from the 27 tap at the brewery.


Bacchus Falconer's Flight

Brewer’s notes: This big American style IPA is crammed full of a single variety of hops called “Falconers Flight”. The aroma & flavour is an explosion of tropical stone fruit & citrus. The rich malt backbone balances the hop intensity perfectly.

Style: US IPA
Strength: 6.3%

Bacchus Zythos IPA

Brewer’s notes: This big American style India Pale Ale (IPA) is crammed full of a single propriety hop blend called “Zythos” (Meaning beer in Greek). The aroma is a heavenly mix of citrus & pine that follows into the flavour.

Style: US IPA
Strength: 6.3%

Bacchus Obama IPA

Brewer’s notes: Australia’s first commercial Black IPA, crammed full of citrusy American hops, this beautifully balanced Black IPA is an explosion of tropical stone fruit flavours with layers of sweet ginger, caramel & coffee.

Style: Black IPA
Strength: 6.1%

Bacchus Cunning Ninja's Imperial IPA

Brewer’s notes: Dangerously sessional Imperial Black IPA. Intense aroma of piny citrus mixed with ginger nut & marmalade leads into similar flavours combined with a peppery spiciness. The finish is long & bitter.

Style: Imperial IPA
Strength: 12.0%

Bacchus Red Bellied Black

Brewer’s notes: Raise your glass to the light & this beer shows off it’s beautiful red underbelly. Intense tropical piny aromas lead into fruity tropical flavours with hints of honeydew melon & ginger. Dangerously sessional, due to a unique subtle tartness derived from our secret spice ingredient. Beware it’s bite.

Style: Imperial Red Ale
Strength: 11.0%

Bacchus Brown Eyed Girl

Brewer’s notes: American style Brown Ale. Big citrus hops balanced by malt with hints coffee & dark chocolate.

Style: American Brown Ale
Strength: 5.6%

Bacchus Cougar Wit

Brewer’s notes: A classic Belgian wheat beer, infused with coriander & orange zest. Served cloudy in the traditional manner, this spicy beer has a silky mouthfeel with a slightly tart refreshing finish.

Style: Belgian Witbier
Strength: 5.2%

Bacchus Dubbel

Brewer’s notes: Intense banana melds with complex malty flavours of fig, dried plums & mixed spices.

Style: Belgian Dubbel
Strength: 7.7%

Bacchus Bohemian Pilsner

Brewer’s notes: Classic Czech pilsner made from the finest malt & Saaz hops. Floral, spicy with an assertive bitterness.

Style: Pilsner
Strength: 4.9%

Bacchus Oatmeal Stout

Brewer’s notes: Rich, silky smooth, full bodied stout, this beer is a meal in a glass

Style: Oatmeal Stout
Strength: 6.0%

Bacchus Nelson Sauvin Summer Ale

Brewer’s notes: Intense sauvignon Blanc grape like character in this glorious golden ale.

Style: Summer Ale
Strength: 4.9%

Bacchus Celtic Red Ale

Brewer’s notes: Classic Irish red ale. Rich malty, biscuity, roasty, coffee flavours. In the style of Kilkenny but with much greater depth of flavour.

Style: Celtic Red Ale
Strength: 4.4%

Bacchus Schwarzbier

Brewer’s notes: Silky smooth black lager with flavours of dark coffee & chocolate. A true favourite with men and women alike.

Style: Dark lager
Strength: 5.2%

Bacchus Bushfire

Brewer’s notes: Smoked Rye Schwarzbier, smokey bacon in a glass.

Style: Smoked dark lager
Strength: 6.2%

Bacchus Black Goat Ale

Brewer’s notes: Classic English best bitter in the style of a Yorkshire ale.

Style: Best bitter
Strength: 4.2%

Bacchus Belgian Pale Ale

Brewer’s notes: Subtle bubblegum & spice aromas combine with rich bready malt flavours in this highly sessional ale.

Style: Belgian Pale Ale
Strength: 4.8%

Bacchus London Porter

Brewer’s notes: Authentic 1700’s London porter. Smokey & slightly astringent. The depth of flavour is amazing.

Style: London Porter
Strength: 6.4%

Bacchus GMT +10 IPA

Brewer’s notes: Classic English IPA, crammed full of goldings & fuggles hops.

Style: English IPA
Strength: 6.4%

Bacchus APA

Brewers notes: West Coast style American Pale Ale, Citrus aromas & flavours balanced by a nice biscuity malt profile.

Style: American Pale Ale
Strength: 4.8%

Bacchus Queensland Ale

Brewer’s notes: Australian Ale using Qld ingredients. Macadamia Honey & Wattle seed. The aroma of passionfruit gives way to a subtle nutty, honey, taste with a dry spicy finish from the wattle.

Style: Fruit / Spiced Ale
Strength: 4.7%

Bacchus Amber Ale

Brewer’s notes: American style amber ale, fruity, light & toasty with caramel hints. A real session beer.

Style: Amber Ale
Strength: 5.2%

Bacchus Hibiscus Saison

Brewer’s notes: Blood red in colour. Champagne like, rich berry aromas, combine with intense flavours of cranberry, black currant & cherry, giving way to a mango nectar. Silky in texture but finishes dry & refreshingly tart.

Style: Fruit Saison
Strength: 9.0%

Bacchus Rum Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter

Brewer’s notes: Baltic Porter aged in bourbon rum barrels & infused with cacao nibs (raw chocolate). Tastes like liquid rum balls.

Style: Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter
Strength: 12.4%

Bacchus Belgian Mocha Coffee Stout

Brewer’s notes: Belgian Stout cold infused with Cacao & the finest fresh roast coffee.

Style: Coffee Stout
Strength: 6.8%

Bacchus Sticke

Brewer’s notes: “Sticke” meaning special, is an Alt beer brewed a couple of times a year in Germany. Devine cigar like aroma, sweet mouth filling malt & a strong bitter finish.

Style: Sticke Alt
Strength: 6.1%

Bacchus Big Red (Cock Ale)

Brewer’s notes: Scottish recipe from an ancient 1500s text. An ale containing grapes, spiced with mace & infused with a whole chicken!!!

Style: Spiced Fowl Beer
Strength: 6.2%

Bacchus Gose

Brewer’s notes: Ancient German beer style, made with salt & lactic acid & spiced with coriander. Easy drinking beer, slightly tart from the lactic, with the coriander flavour lifted by the salt.

Style: Gose
Strength: 4.7%

Bacchus Smokin' Mountie

Brewer’s notes: Rich flavours of smoky bacon & maple syrup in this Canadian style breakfast beer.

Style: Smoked Ale
Strength: 5.4%

Bacchus Choccy Woccy Stout

Brewer’s notes: Our silver medal Oatmeal Stout infused twice (in the boil & again in the cask) with the finest cacao & chocolate.

Style: Coffee & Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Strength: 6.0%

Bacchus War & Peat

Brewer’s notes: Russian Imperial Stout aged in Single malt Islay whisky barrels.

Style: Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Strength: 12.4%

Bacchus White Chocolate Pilsner

Brewer’s notes: Who’d have thought that white chocolate & pilsner would be such a good match, this beer is really unique.

Style: Chocolate Pilsner
Strength: 4.9%