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It's not uncommon among Australia's craft brewers to find those with former careers that have been abandoned in favour of chasing beery dreams. It is uncommon, however, to find one with quite as many strings to their bow as Warwick Little, who founded Little Brewing with wife Kylie in 2007. Try time spent as a paramedic and dabbling with radiography, physics, chemistry and microbiology, as well as several years studying wine science, and you've got a pretty colourful past.

Nothing, however, seems to have sparked the same passion as the brewing of beer, much to the delight of Kylie, a former marketer who had developed a taste for English and Belgian ales while living in the UK in the late 80s and early 90s. Serial award winners, their beers under both the Wicked Elf and Mad Abbot labels have found favour with judges and beer lovers alike.

It's just as well, as in Port Macquarie, where their immaculately maintained brewery is based (complete with the largest collection of brewing accoutrements we've ever seen!), big brewery contracts have meant that, until late 2011 when The Town Green Inn took their beer, they couldn't secure a single tap in any of the town's hotels. Instead, you'll find them on tap and bottleshop shelves in the the better beer venues along the east coast from Brisbane to Melbourne - and occasionally further afield, especially since they expanded capacity in 2013. New tanks arrived as well as a large shipment of kegs, allowing the Littles to hunt down more tap points than ever before, assisted by an on-road Elfmobile servicing their East Coast customers.

Having sold everything they owned to get the brewery up and running, the Littles don't hold back with any of their beers, all of which are typified by bold flavours and plenty of body. As Warwick says: "We brew beers without compromise, yet fervently true to style." If that isn't reason enough to hunt one down, we don't know what is!

Little Brewing Company

Unit 1, 58 Uralla Road
Port Macquarie
NSW 2444

(02) 6581 3949

Cellar door:
Mon to Fri: 9am to 5pm
Sat: 10am to 4pm

The Regulars

Death Between The Tanks

For some time, the Littles teased us with the suggestion that they were going to start releasing beers that would allow head brewer Warwick to run amok. Every time we spoke to them, we'd bring it up, but teasing it remained. Then, late in 2013, the teasing ended and the first of these long-mooted beers arrived. And it's a whopper too: a Double IPA weighing in at 113 IBU (a measure of bitterness, with the human palate supposedly unable to distinguish anything too much higher than 100). It's packed with a tonne of new world hops - Citra, Cascade, Galaxy, Chinook, Simcoe and Motueka - and delivers the sort of tropical fruit explosion that such a hopstravaganza would suggest; the brewers reckon "pine, citrus, passionfruit and mango aromas lead you into a 'juicy' hop flavour with pine resin, citrus and tropical fruit." Those characteristics inhabit a bright golden beer that's as balanced as you'd expect from the brewery, meaning that the huge theoretical bitterness is held in check ··· Read more
Double IPA
113 IBU

Nationwide in bottles and occasionally on tap at good craft beer venues, particularly around NSW

Released Sun Nov 10 2013

Wicked Elf Kolsch

Is this the most Germanic beer released in Australia? For its summer release, Port Macquarie's Little Brewing not only used all German malt and all German hops - they brewed the beer with a half-German brewer. We're not sure if lederhosen were involved in the brew day, or whether David Hasselhoff was on permanent loop serenading the yeast as it went to work in the tanks, but what we do know is that this KÓ§lsch is on the cards to become part of the Wicked Elf permanent range if it finds favour in the coming months. As you'd expect of the style, it's a light, easy drinker with, according to the brewers, "some style about it". The kegs are out and about on the East Coast - look out for bottles spreading far and wide in the New Year. ··· Read more

Tipplers Tap, Brisbane

Archive Beer Boutique, Brisbane

Yulli's, Sydney

Town Green Inn, Port Macquarie

Bottles coming soon...

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Released Thu Dec 20 2012

Wicked Elf Porter

Like their Tassie peers Moo Brew, the Littles of NSW decided to use their invite to brew a new beer for the 2012 GABS festival to create a permanent addition to their range. Well, semi-permanent in the case of the Wicked Elf Porter anyway. Officially tagged as part of their "Cellar Release" range, like the Mad Abbot Dubbel and Tripel, it's technically a seasonal, which makes the timing of its debut - in time for winter - rather apposite. Brewer Warwick Little tells us he eschewed the use of any roasted malts in the beer, instead cramming it with plenty of chocolate malt amid a grain bill drawn from Australia, Germany and the UK to create a "Robust" style porter that comes into its own the warmer it gets. The label recommends serving at 8C - at Crafty Towers we enjoyed it more at even higher temperatures that allowed the rich malt flavours to really come through, backed up by subtle English hops in a deeply dark beer that will please both the purists and those seeking ··· Read more
Robust Porter

Little Brewing

Casa di Vino, Port Melbourne


Camperdown Cellars, Sydney

Pumphouse Bar

Oak Barrel, Sydney

Yulli's, Surrey Hills


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Released Mon May 21 2012

Wicked Elf Pilsner

The Wicked Elf Pilsner from Little Brewing is a beer that, once tasted, you want to taste again. So it was rather unfortunate that for quite some time they were too busy brewing their other beers to find time in their schedule to make some more. Which means it's equally fortunate that it's now back. As you'd expect from the Port Macquarie brewery it's as true to style as you could wish for, the style in this case being a Bohemian Pilsner. That means distinctive, slightly spicy, slightly floral aromas from the use of Saaz hops upfront alongside some sweet, cereal like malt aromas. The European pilsner malt lends the beer a mix of bready, grainy and hay like flavours, with the hops adding some subtle herbal and spicy characters as well as a rounded but not aggressive bitterness. ··· Read more
Bohemian Pilsner

Mad Abbot Dubbel

Head brewer Warwick Little is a big fan of Belgian styles and, having experimented early on with a beer entitled Abbey Ale, he later introduced two semi-regular beers based on those that come out of Belgium's Trappist breweries. This, the Dubbel, is a faithful take on the style and an enjoyably complex number to boot. Bottle conditioned and cellared before release, this dark brown beer offers up all manner of fruity aromas: raisins, plums and spices, plus chocolate and a touch of rum. Those characteristics return in the mouth, along with a hint of toffee in a gently warming ale that's designed to be sipped and savoured. ··· Read more

Mad Abbott Tripel

The second of Little Brewing's semi-regular Trappist ale releases, this is a great interpretation of the big, bold Tripel style - and one of The Crafty Pint's favourite Aussie-brewed Belgian beers. Like its little brother, the Dubbel, it's bottle conditioned and cellared before release; we say "little brother" as this tips the scales at 9.5%. Not that you'd know, as it's a golden ale awash with honey, citrus, stonefruit and some gentle spicy aromas. Rich and full in the mouth, those fruits and spices return, along with some sweet alcohol flavours and enough bitterness to ensures it's refreshing rather than cloying. A cracker with soft cheeses too. ··· Read more

Wicked Elf Pale Ale

One of the boldest of the many American inspired pale ales on the Aussie market, this is the Little philosophy of no compromise on flavour and ingredients writ large. A meaty, deep amber beer that kicks off with big floral aromas from the use of American Cascade hops and packs plenty of toffee and caramel flavours thanks to generous levels of crystal malt. A reasonably high alcohol content for the style helps beef up the body in a cracking take on the style. ··· Read more
American Pale Ale

Wicked Elf Witbier

Little Brewing's take on the Belgian witbier style is a mouth-filling, flavoursome beer made with 50/50 wheat and barley malts and a little curacao (bitter orange peel) and coriander. The spicy citrus character is complemented by a light floral hop aroma in what is a truly refreshing beer topped off with a dry, slightly bitter finish. ··· Read more

The Specials

Little Brewing Varietal IPAs: Citra & Galaxy

For a brewery that hadn't brewed an IPA until a couple of years ago, Port Macquarie's Little Brewing has been doing a fine job of making up for lost time. What's more, the lineup so far has put them among the very best IPA brewers in the country, with head brewer Warwick Little's fastidious nature (that led to his "straight" IPA being called Fastidious Bastard) paying off with beers that cram plenty of flavour and heaps of hops into tightly wound packages. Now we have IPAs four and five, following Death Between The Tanks double IPA, Breaking The Cardinal Rule Tripel IPA (a hybrid with his fine Tripel) and the aforementioned Fastidious Bastard. They promise to be the start of an occasional series in which the same malt, water and yeast bill is combined with different hop varieties. The series kicks off with a trans-Pacific face-off with the brewery's "workhorse" hop Citra (USA) in one corner and Aussie trailblazer Galaxy in the other. Both pour a crystal clear deep golden ··· Read more
Single Hop IPA

Released Thu Nov 26 2015

Little Brewing Stab In The Dark

Little Brewing has long been one of those breweries we've looked to plug whenever appropriate. Our reasoning was that they've long had one of the finest lineups of beer – from the "standard" range of Pale, Pilsner, Witbier and co in their Wicked Elf line to the Belgian-inspired beers bearing the Mad Abbot brand – yet haven't attracted an audience or buzz commensurate with the quality of their beers. So it was with some pleasure that, in our last chat with head brewer and co-owner Warwick Little, we discovered the worm appears to have turned and they're in greater demand than ever before. Part of the turnaround can be put down to the introduction of a third line of beers bearing darkly comic labels and colourful titles; it started with the Death Between The Tanks double IPA, continued with the Breaking The Cardinal Rule Belgian Tripel IPA and then the Fastidious Bastard IPA. That family has now been joined by a fourth member, the Stab in the Dark imperial porter that debuted ··· Read more
Imperial Porter
70 IBU

The Hop Factory, Newcastle

Prince of Wales, Newcastle

Plonk, Canberra

Braddon Cellars, Canberra

Spooning Goats, Sydney

Grange Cellars, Brisbane

Taringa Cellars, Brisbane

Camperdown Cellars, Parramatta Road

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Released Mon Jul 20 2015

Little Brewing Fastidious Bastard

When we first visited Warwick and Kylie Little at their Port Macquarie brewery, we couldn't help but remark at the order within. In particular, the manner in which Warwick had arranged his gleamingly clean brewing accoutrements in rows along one wall was, we thought, the tidiest and most orderly part of a brewery we'd ever seen. One might have said that it marked him down as a fastidious bastard. Certainly, the approach he takes to the order of his workplace is one that's matched in attention to detail of his beers. There can be few breweries in Australia with a range of beer that is both as broad and consistently high quality: from Dubbel, Tripel and Quadrupel to big hoppy beers to lighter drops. In fact, it's a matter of constant wonder to the residents of Crafty Towers that there isn't more of a buzz among beer geeks about Little Brewing's beers. The latest is one that we imagine will get people a little excited, certainly those who love their hops – and love them presented in balance. ··· Read more
American IPA
75 IBU


Little Brewing Cellar Door

Hop Factory, Newcastle

King Bill IV

Quaylime Bar


Thirsty Crow Brewery

Hive Bar

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Released Tue Dec 16 2014

Little Brewing Mad Abbot Christmas Ale 2014

Belgian beer lover Warwick Little first conceived of his Christmas Ale for the 2013 GABS festival. Unashamedly taking inspiration from one of his all-time top brews, Rochefort 10, it did a damn fine job of flattery, tipping the scales at the exact same ABV and offering a softly warming yet complex approximation of the biggest of the Belgian beer styles. Second time around, there have been a few wee changes. For one it's tagged as a quadrupel so you know where it sits with the brewery's Dubbel and Tripel and they've added more spices and made it a little boozier. That said, when the beer was already 11.3 percent, what's 0.2 percent between friends? Warwick also reckons its darker and rummier and may need a little more time to "come together" like 2013. Certainly a beer this big and relatively young is never going to say no to a little cellaring yet even now it's pretty soft on the palate with the booziness coming across like a freshly soaked Christmas pud and chocolate and coca ··· Read more
Belgian Strong Dark Ale

At specialist bottleshops

Released Fri Oct 24 2014

Little Brewing Co Breaking The Cardinal Rule

Having broken the shackles and let his inner beast free with Little Brewing's last new release, the Death Between The Tanks Double IPA, head brewer Warwick Little has been at it again. Breaking The Cardinal Rule was the brewery's entry for this year's GABS festival and has now been released in packaged form, complete with comical labels mirroring those of the Double IPA. Said labels feature a hooded monk pulling a lever on a "Hop-O-Meter" all the way to "Full Tilt", while it also informs us that the beer is, at least in part, a Belgian Tripel (not triple IPA as some have apparently misconstrued it). Given the brewery produces possibly the best homegrown Tripel (under its Mad Abbot range) you might think he'd simply combined that beer with the hop profile of the Double IPA. But that would be to forget that Waz is one of the country's more cerebral brewers. So here you'll find a mere 80 IBU worth of hop bitterness (what do you mean, "Merely?") and hops carefully ··· Read more
Hoppy Belgian Tripel
80 IBU

Released Wed Jul 9 2014

Mad Abbot Christmas Ale

Port Macquarie brewers, the Little Brewing Company, really should have a wider audience for their beers. Year in, year out, they pump out beers under their two labels - Wicked Elf and Mad Abbot - that are of a consistently high quality and, without fail, see them hauling a fresh swag of awards back home from every awards competition they're entered into. Their Tripel has long been a favourite at Crafty Towers, while we weren't at all surprised to see their Pale Ale fare well in the last Blind Tasting we did for the site, placing much higher than many far better known beers, yet you don't hear people talking about Wicked Elf or Mad Abbot beers as often as you do many others. Still, we hear their sales have rocketed in the past year so perhaps that's a-changing. Anyway, rumination over: time for a new beer. The Christmas Ale was debuted at the 2013 GABS festival and sits at the top end, ABV wise, of their Mad Abbot range of Belgian inspired beers, checking in at 11.3 per cent (just like ··· Read more
Belgian Quadrupel

Kegs (Now sold out)

Pumphouse Bar

Yulli's, Surry Hills

Archive West End

Grain Store, Newcastle

Thirsty Crow, Wagga Wagga

The Local Taphouse St Kilda

Bottles available in g

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Released Tue Jun 18 2013


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