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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Sunday 21 September 2014

Beer Academy Australia - Introduction to Beer - Melbourne

Tue 26-06-12, 6:30pm


Everyone knows the value of a good education. Now, courtesy of the folks at Beer Academy Australia, you can get a qualification you can really get some use out of.

The Beer Academy is part of the international Institute of Brewing and Distilling, an educational charity dedicated to training professional brewers and distillers. 2012 has seen the Academy arrive in Australia with the aim of helping to teach Australians how to understand, appreciate and enjoy good beer.

Run by local beer experts with a wide array of recognised industry experience, the academy is being run in several main centres with courses to suit any level of knowledge and interest. Courses range from 90 minute tastings to half-day workshops, through to two-day advanced courses and specialised Beer Sommelier courses.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, thinking about a career in beer or already in the beer trade and looking to gain a bit more knowledge, the Beer Academy events are a relaxed and unpretentious way to have a bit of fun and discover the many delights of beer.

This Introduction to Beer event will be held at The Portland Hotel in Melbourne on the 26th June 2012. The 90 minute class will cover some of the key ingredients in beer – from hops and roasted barley to yeast and fruit – and how they influence flavour.

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