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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 2 October 2014


Women and Craft Beer at Mash

Wed 08-08-12, 6:30pm


We all know that beer is the most egalitarian of drinks, one that is enjoyed by people of all walks of life in all environments.

And, while it may have traditionally been viewed as a drink predominantly for blokes, there’s been a redressing of that balance in recent times. Just check out the number of female brewers, brewery owners and passionate beer lovers across Australia.

Looking to redress the balance further still is Swan Valley based Mash Brewing with a pair of Women and Craft Beer events.

Groups of up to 30 women at a time will be participating in fun, informal tastings with the head brewer on hand to give a brief talk about each beer.

Mash’s Sharon Welburn says: “Before working at Mash, I thought all beers tasted pretty much the same, but now that I get the opportunity to try different beers all the time, I am surprised by the different flavours. I really think if females tried our beer, there would be at least one style that they would really enjoy.”

Head brewer Charlie Hodgson adds: “Being in this industry for six years, I know many females that love craft beer, it’s just a matter of getting people to leave their perception of what ‘beer’ should smell and taste like at the door and I think they would find craft beer quite approachable."

The hope is that these events will be held every few months. There is even talk of brewing a “Women’s Choice Beer”.

For more info on the events, head to the brewery’s website and fill in a survey. Alternatively, call (08) 9296 5588.

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