Craft Beer Heroes: Miro

by Crafty Pint November 21 2014

Brewers make beer. Without them there would be no beer. Thus it's easy to fall into the trap of focusing on them and them only as the stars of the beer world, especially in the craft beer industry where doors are almost always open and access to brewers – often with a beer in their hand and a smil…

Who Brews: Wolf of the Willows XPA?

by Crafty Pint November 20 2014

Hot on the heels of the relaunch of our once-regular Brew & A feature with Doug from Brookes Beer (who has set the bar pretty damn high for future respondents), it's time to kickstart another regular spot. The beer world is expanding at such a rate that there seem to be new breweries and brewing…

Brew & A: Brookes Beer

by Crafty Pint November 18 2014

With the new Crafty Pint up and running, we're bringing back some of the regular features that may have been a little neglected while the tradies were doing their refurbs at Crafty Towers. We've also got plenty of new feature series coming too – look out for Craft Beer Heroes, Beer Nuts, a new in-…

The Crafty Six: Alternative Melbourne Cup Beers

by Crafty Pint November 4 2014

We all love Melbourne Cup day. Even (or maybe especially) those of us that don’t give a stuff about horses or gambling. Victorians get a public holiday (and usually turn it into two days off, if not a whole week) while the rest of the country just acts like it's got one by feigning an interest in …

James Halliday Feature: Community Service

by Crafty Pint October 30 2014

Any day now, the latest edition of James Halliday's Wine Companion Magazine will hit shelves across the country. Inside will be a feature article penned by The Crafty Pint's founder looking at the renaissance of lager in the craft beer world.So, as is customary when a new feature is on its way, we'v…

Beer Awards: Perth Royal Beer Show 2014

by Crafty Pint October 25 2014

Mash Brewing continues to follow the golden path through 2014. The Swan Valley-based brewery last night collected the trophies for Best Commercial Brewery, Best West Australian Brewery and Best Ale Draught for its Copy Cat AIPA at the Perth Royal Beer Show. This follows taking out Champion Australia…

World Beer Awards: More Redoak Success

by Crafty Pint October 9 2014

Another week, another set of awards for Sydney's Redoak. Since we last posted articles on their wins at the International Beer Challenge in London and at the Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show, their venue has picked up a best "Specialty Venue" title and now they're proud recipients of ano…

Beer Awards: Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show

by Crafty Pint September 20 2014

There are familiar names on the two main trophies at this year's Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show. The medalists and trophy winners were announced last night (19/9/2014) and saw Sydney's Redoak follow up last week's Supreme Champion Beer title at the International Beer Challenge in London wit…

James Halliday Article - Those Crafty Kiwis

by Crafty Pint September 8 2014

Given we’ve just filed our next feature for James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine, this time looking at the reevaluation of lagers in the craft beer world, it must be time to pluck another past article from the vaults.Last time around, we revisited our piece on what we view as the Third Wave …

Willy Beer Fest 2014

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