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Beer Travel: Malaysia

by Kerry McBride Thu Aug 25 2016

Five years ago, two Melbourne brothers enticed their cousins to join them and open a craft beer bar in Kuala Lumpur. Taps has ended up spawning Malaysia's nascent craft beer scene, as Kerry McBride discovers.

Beer Travel: Gold Coast Part I

by James Graham Tue Aug 23 2016

Who'd have thought a year or two back we'd be writing a craft beer guide to the Gold Coast? And who'd have thought it would be big enough to stretch over two parts? Well, courtesy to James Graham, here it is.

Aussie Exports: Jimmy Krekelberg

by Kerry McBride Fri Aug 19 2016

From homebrewing in Victoria to hammering at the doors of breweries in Scotland then ending up at one of the world's best in The Netherlands, life on the road's turned out pretty darn well for Jimmy Krekelberg.

Events Wrap 19.08.16

by Nick O Fri Aug 19 2016

Do you like your beer on the move, aged in barrels, stuck in a can, sunk by the stein, dressed in drag or shuffled along a bingo board? Well then, you're in luck as there's an event for you in the coming days and weeks.

Crafty Crawls: Melbourne CBD

by Kerry McBride Thu Aug 18 2016

For the latest in our regular series of guided craft beer crawls, we return to where they started: Melbourne. And this time we mean Melbourne itself, as Kerry McBride takes in a diverse collection of CBD venues.

The Story Of: Bridge Road Brewers Chevalier Saison

by Will Ziebell Wed Aug 17 2016

It's Australia's longest brewed saison, a style that's becoming increasingly popular, and continues to charm drinkers and judges alike. Will Ziebell brings us the story behind Bridge Road's Chevalier Saison.

Who Brews Valhalla Beers?

by Crafty Pint Mon Aug 15 2016

For our latest Who Brews...? feature, we head to the Surf Coast where crowd-funding helped Valhalla get off the ground. Their second release is coming soon, while are plans for a taproom on the coast too.

Cabal Update – 12/08/16

by Crafty Pint Fri Aug 12 2016

We've got a whopper of an update for you from inside The Crafty Cabal, featuring winners, VIP passes, a special sign up incentive, more events and a pile of new deals and offers at venues and breweries.

Beer Travel: NZ Tiki Tour IV Wine Country

by Nick O Thu Aug 11 2016

In the final part of his Tiki Tour around the breweries of New Zealand's central North Island, Nick Oscilowski takes in the wine regions of the east coast before ending up in the middle...

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