Hottest 100 of 2014 Infographic

by Crafty Pint Yesterday

For the Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers of 2014, The Craft Pint has produced an infographic highlighting some of the keys stats from the results.

Podcast People: Radio Brews News

by Crafty Pint January 22 2015

Radio Brews News is the longest running podcast in the Australian beer world. Its hosts, Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham, are our second Podcast People guests.

Beer Nuts: Beardface

by Crafty Pint January 14 2015

Late last year, we kicked off a new series of features on The Crafty Pint called Beer Nuts, which shines a light on some of the most colourful beer lovers found in Australia – those that take their passion for the amber nectar above and beyond the normal call of duty.The launch article featuring J…

Who Brews Little Bang Icon?

by Crafty Pint January 8 2015

In last month's selection of ten of the best new brews from South Australia in 2014, the Icon – a hoppy India lager (of sorts) – from Little Bang appeared in the list. Very few readers would have heard of the brewing company as it had only just launched its first three beers.In fact, when the ar…

Craft Beer Heroes: Corey Crooks

by Crafty Pint December 17 2014

Last month, we kicked off a new regular feature on The Crafty Pint: Craft Beer Heroes. It is designed to celebrate the people who have done and are doing great things in the world of beer in Australia but who perhaps don't get the credit that is typically given to brewers.We started with Melbourne m…

Vote For The Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers of 2014

by Crafty Pint December 15 2014

Voting is open for the Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers of 2014. You have until January 9 to select your top five beers of the year. Results announced on Australia Day.

Beer Nuts: A Craft Beer Ideot

by Crafty Pint December 8 2014

We've showcased brewers, bloggers, beer heroes and podcasters. And now it's time to shine a light on you as we kick off Beer Nuts, featuring the country's most colourful beer lovers.

Brew & A: 4 Pines

by Crafty Pint December 5 2014

Measured in any way whatsoever, the story of 4 Pines has been a remarkable one. For one, they managed to established their brewpub in Manly when barely anyone in Sydney, let alone this northern beach outpost, gave a monkey's about craft beer. They then stepped up to a 50 hectolitre brewhouse when ma…

Podcast People: Ale of a Time

by Crafty Pint December 2 2014

A few months back, it came (rather belatedly) to our notice that there was a growing number of beer podcasts cropping up around the country. While Radio Brews News, from the people behind the Brews News site, was well established, there were others operating in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.We figu…

Craft Beer Rising 2015

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