Beer Awards: Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show

by Crafty Pint September 20 2014

There are familiar names on the two main trophies at this year's Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show. The medalists and trophy winners were announced last night (19/9/2014) and saw Sydney's Redoak follow up last week's Supreme Champion Beer title at the International Beer Challenge in London wit…

James Halliday Article - Those Crafty Kiwis

by Crafty Pint September 8 2014

Given we’ve just filed our next feature for James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine, this time looking at the reevaluation of lagers in the craft beer world, it must be time to pluck another past article from the vaults.Last time around, we revisited our piece on what we view as the Third Wave …

Beer Travel: Beervana 2014 & The Road To Beervana

by Crafty Pint August 29 2014

Last week, The Crafty Pint joined a huge contingent of Australian brewers and beer lovers to make the trek to Wellington. The Kiwi city now calls itself Craft Beer Capital and with good reason: Stu from the Yeastie Boys contends that 50 percent of draught beer consumed in the CBD is craft (probably …

The Pondering Pint: Rating Beers

by Crafty Pint July 31 2014

The other day, an email arrived about a new beer that was the result of a collaboration between breweries. There were two attachments both purporting to be about said beer. A cursory glance showed that each contained a particular brewer’s tasting notes for the same beer. Yet they appeared to b…

Australia's Craft Beer Festivals

by Crafty Pint July 25 2014

As you clasp your hands around a goblet of imperial stout and beg for it to waste no time in warming you from the inside, the warmer weather of spring and summer – and the avalanche of beer festivals they will bring with them – may seem a million miles away. But be here they will and be …

Getting Blind With Crafty: Porter

by Crafty Pint July 15 2014

After a six-month hiatus instigated by a combination of incapacitation at Crafty Towers, a disgusting workload and then the inexorable passage of time, we finally got the Blind Tasting show back on the road at the weekend. Literally on the road too, taking it to Temple where one of the regular panel…

Drinking In Style: Porter

by Crafty Pint July 14 2014

After a rather lengthy break, we reconvened the Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Panel at the weekend for a look at porters. As ever, before publishing the results, here we have our Resident Beer Scholar, Chris Brady, delving back into the beer’s colourful and myth-riddled past to ascertain just what…

James Halliday Feature: The New Wave

by Crafty Pint July 2 2014

Having just sent off our latest feature to James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine – this one looking at the rise of communal / community (whatever we’re going to call it) brewing in Australia, we figured it was time to plunder an old article from the vaults. This time around, it…

Good Beer Week 2014 Review: GBW Presents Mega Dega II

by Crafty Pint June 8 2014

At the 2013 festival, Good Beer Week introduced the Mega Dega as the headline event in its Foodie stream. The idea was to bring together chefs from a number of Melbourne’s top restaurants and pair them with a different Aussie or international brewer to create one course each. The event was a s…

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