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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 18 September 2014

Crafty Films: The Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular

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Crafty Pint / 18.02.11


Apparently, a picture says a thousand words, so could anything have been more appropriate for the Crafty Pint’s first venture into the world of the moving picture than a film shot at the inaugural Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular? An event at which many millions of words were spoken about beer (many of them slurred or repeated umpteen times).

We couldn’t think of anything, so here it is, a roundup of what was a fantastic day at the St Kilda Taphouse (matched in Darlinghurst, no doubt) featuring many of the brewers who contributed beers on the day. We’ll be running the brewer interviews in full in the coming days and plan to bring you occasional short films about cool stuff going on in the world of Aussie craft beer (such as today’s Mountain Goat / Thornbridge collaborative brew). But for now, simply hit play and enjoy!

Great Australian Beer Spectapular from Alister Robbie on Vimeo.


Steve — 19 February at 12:22AM

Hey Crafty and Wobbly Thong,

Congrats on what is a terrific video report that captures the mood and enjoyment of the GABS along with the comments of the people involved.

I look forward to viewing more of these fantastic reports.

Well done!

Nato — 20 February at 08:52PM

Well Done guys, looks great!

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