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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Wednesday 24 September 2014

The Crafty Planner: October 8 to 14

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Crafty Pint / 08.10.12


Take your pick! From coast to coast, there’s a veritable cavalcade of craft beer activity this week, with Oktoberfests continuing and plenty of other goodness, from chances to meet brewers and beer degustations to the arrival in Oz of new beers from overseas. In fact, keen Oktoberfest fans could potentially hit up four in one day in Victoria on Saturday by heading to the Mornington Peninsula via St Kilda East. Or, if you’re really, really keen, you could make it five by heading to the High Country too.

If you like the sound of anything below, head to our Events Diary here for the full details. And if you have a craft beer event you’d like adding, send the information to

All Week
* Ok-to-beer-fest keeps on cranking at Freo’s Sail & Anchor

* While just around the corner, Jon from Moo Brew is talking beer at the Norfolk Hotel

* Your chance to learn the basics of better beer at The Local Taphouse St Kilda’s monthly Beerista 101 session
* It’s the latest Barley’s Angels session at The Local Taphouse St Kilda, with beer being paired with a spot of Life Painting this time around
* The Young Henry’s team provides the beer for a degustation at Petersham’s Restaurant Blancmange

* The round-Oz Mountain Goat 15th birthday celebrations kicks off at the GB in Richmond – the first pub to put their Hightail on tap back in the day
* It’s time for Beer Dinner number six at McLaren Vale’s splendid home, the Vale/Inn
* Bridgeport – the US’s oldest craft brewery – is finally sending its beer to Australia. Taste it for the first time on tap at The Local Taphouse St Kilda
* Roxy presents an Oktoberst masterclass at the Junction Beer Hall in Melbourne’s west

* Four days of Oktoberfest kicks off at Mornington Peninsula Brewery
* The Goat Army calls into the Union in Newtown with Triple Hightail in tow
* While not too far away, Bridgeport beers arrive in Sydney at The Local Taphouse Darlo
* Jayne from Two Birds Brewing is the guest of honour at the Odyssey Tavern’s latest Meet the Brewer night

* The Goat tour hits Brisbane, where they’re talking and buying you beers at Bitter Suite in New Farm

* The Sprung In The Valley craft beer festival hits the road around Swan Valley
* The doors are reopened temporarily as Oktoberfest hits Red Hill
* It’s Oktoberfest time in the Victorian High Country too with Bridge Road donning the leathers
* Join the Bayside Brewers for their annual Oktoberfest at Hix on the Mornington Peninsula
* It’s the Oktoberfest SpecTAPular at The Local Taphouse Darlo and The Local Taphouse St Kilda
* The team at Cookie launches its new craft beer menu for Spring

* The Oktoberfests come to a close at Red Hill, Bridge Road and Mornington Peninsula Brewery


Matt Ives — 12 October at 03:00PM

* The Oktoberfest kicks off in full spirit at Thirsty Crow, Wagga Wagga. Murder Pils + Liquid Bacon, Oompah band as well as a big dead animal on a stick over fire.

^^ As per usual the goings on @ Thirsty Crow were a notable exclusion... :P

Crafty Pint — 18 October at 03:47PM

Thanks Matt

As per usual, any information from the Thirsty Crow about said event was a notable exclusion from either the or inboxes, even though we ask anyone with events to send us details every single week!

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