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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Tuesday 30 September 2014

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beer education Drinking In Style: Porter

Chris Brady / 14.07.14


After a rather lengthy break, we reconvened the Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Panel at the weekend for a look at porters. As ever, before publishing the results, here we have our Resident Beer...

beer education James Halliday Feature: The New Wave

Crafty Pint / 02.07.14


Having just sent off our latest feature to James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine – this one looking at the rise of communal / community (whatever we’re going to call it) brewing in Australia...

beer education Drinking In Style: Christmas Beers

Chris Brady / 13.12.13


On the eve of our final Blind Tasting of the year, resident Beer Scholar Chris Brady has taken another delve into the past so he can deliver another sermon of style. This time we’re looking at...

beer education Ask Brewer Jayne: Choosing What To Brew

Brewer Jayne / 06.12.13


It’s time to welcome back our occasional series featuring the “Agony Aunt of Aussie craft” Jayne Lewis. To the handful of people that haven’t come across Jayne or her wares (just where have those p...

beer education Drinking In Style: Golden Ales

Chris Brady / 29.11.13


With summer approaching, we decided to look at the lighter end of the beer spectrum for our next Blind Tasting. As such, we opted for a rather loose collection of beers that fall under the Golden /...

beer education Drinking In Style: Imperial Stouts

Chris Brady / 06.09.13


Here at The Crafty Pint, we’re not afraid of doing things arse about face. OK, we had no choice in this case, but… whatever. Avid followers will be aware that we usually preface each of our Blind T...

beer education James Halliday Article: Lock, Stock & Barrel

Crafty Pint / 04.09.13


The latest edition of James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine has been dropping through the letterboxes of subscribers this week. It features an article we wrote on Farmhouse Ales (well, mostly...

beer education Drinking in Style: Brown Ales

Chris Brady / 05.07.13


After a brief post-Good Beer Week hiatus, the Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Panel returned this week and with it our regular series looking at beer styles is back. Crafty Towers' resident beer scholar ...

beer education Crafty Pint Newsletter Archive

Crafty Pint / 18.06.13


Ever since The Crafty Pint launched in September 2010, we’ve been sending out weekly newsletters (almost) every Friday. Designed to wrap up the events of the past week, look ahead to what’s coming ...

beer education Drinking in Style: American Pale Ales

Chris Brady / 10.05.13


With Good Beer Week imminent, we figured we should do a Pint of Origin style face-off for the next Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Panel. So later today, the motley crew of brewers (amateur and...

beer education Starting a Brewery: The Boatrocker Story Pt IV

Crafty Pint / 30.04.13


Well, we were expecting to be running this article well before now – as the owners of Boatrocker Brewery would have been, no doubt. But, as seems to be the way with even the best planned brewery...

beer education Drinking In Style: Saisons

Chris Brady / 17.04.13


Want to know a little more about the beers you love? Then read on, as Crafty’s resident “beer dork” Chris Brady (his words, not ours) kicks off what will be regular features looking at the beers...

beer education Getting Blind With Crafty: IPAs

Crafty Pint / 17.03.13


After a couple of lager-centric panels to kick off what are now monthly Blind Tasting Panels, the third showdown saw a sharp shift in direction into the beer style that is probably closest to the h...

beer education Starting A Brewery: The Boatrocker Story Pt III

Crafty Pint / 20.12.12


Over the past few months, we’ve been bringing you the story behind the development of the forthcoming Boatrocker Brewery. Many of you will know Boatrocker’s beers, such as Alpha Queen and...

beer education James Halliday Article: Brighter Shade Of Pale

Crafty Pint / 06.12.12


Towards the end of the month, the next edition of James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine will feature an article by The Crafty Pint looking back at what has been an incredible year for craft...

beer education What's In A Name: The Yeastie Boys

Crafty Pint / 27.09.12


For the latest in our series of pieces looking at the importance or otherwise of beer names, we take a trip across the Tasman to the home of the Yeastie Boys. They’re a pair of brewers with a...

beer education Starting A Brewery: The Boatrocker Story Part II

Crafty Pint / 26.09.12


At the start of the month, we kicked off a mini-series featuring Boatrocker Brewing and the tale of how founder Matt Houghton and his wife Andrea have set about moving from home brewing to owning a...

beer education What's In A Name: Feral Brewing

Crafty Pint / 21.09.12


When we kicked off our mini-series looking at beer names – what makes a good one, how do brewers come up with them, does it matter, and so on – we mentioned Feral’s Hop Hog as one that worked so...

beer education What's In A Name: Red Duck

Crafty Pint / 12.09.12


Queen Bee, Ragnarok, The Ox, Ugly Duckling, Smells Like A Pony, Bear, Hop Bach, Canute the Gruit… When it comes to beer names, Red Duck tends to be as off the wall as it with the beers it brews...

beer education What's In A Name: Moon Dog

Crafty Pint / 07.09.12


Beer names. Do they matter? If so, why? And how do brewers come up with theirs? As we explained here, The Crafty Pint’s involvement in naming a couple of beers got us thinking about it. And rather ...

beer education Starting a Brewery: The Boatrocker Story

Matt Houghton / 06.09.12


Ever wondered what it’s like to undertake the journey from home brewer to commercial brewer? As he stands on the verge of commissioning his own brewery, Matt Houghton, co-founder of the Boatrocker ...

beer education Crafty Snaps: Holgate's Imperial 900

Justin McPhail / 26.07.12


Thirteen years after brew number one, Holgate this month hit 900. To mark the occasion, they invited a few people along for the day, including members of Bendigo Beer and staff from the Royston,

beer education Crafty Snaps: Stone & Wood's Stone Brew 2012

Crafty Pint / 04.06.12


In what is becoming something of an Aussie craft beer institution, Stone & Wood invited a collection of beer folks – writers, bloggers, bar owners and their friends and family – to their Byron Bay ...

beer education Crafty Folks: Brewing With Brendan

Crafty Pint / 31.01.12


Once a year, Fremantle’s iconic Sail & Anchor pub holds a competition in which it challenges home brewers to try and replicate as best they can one of the beers formerly brewed at the venue. This y...

beer education The Year In Beer: 2012

Crafty Pint / 01.01.12


Without doubt, 2011 was the biggest year yet for craft beer in Australia. But what about 2012? Can momentum be maintained? Can flavour, passion and creativity overcome marketing? What crazy new...

beer education Info For Wannabe Punks

Crafty Pint / 11.10.11


A while back, everyone’s favourite Scottish crazies BrewDog announced a second opportunity for punters to invest in their business. Equity For Punks allows you to put your money into one of the...

beer education Australia's First Cicerone

Crafty Pint / 15.06.11


As beer gradually regains respect around the world as something far more than just a social lubricant, there are increasing numbers of folks dedicating themselves to helping others understand it...

beer education Brew & A: At the AIBA Judging

Crafty Pint / 11.04.11


More than 1,100 beers have been submitted for the 2011 Australian International Beer Awards. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Melbourne on May 20, in the middle of the inaugural Good...

beer education Australia's Growler Filling Stations

Crafty Pint / 09.03.11


Australians are going crazy for growlers, so we thought it would be a good idea to pull together links to all of the places offering them and filling them. Hope it makes things easy for you!


beer education The Tipping Point For Taps?

Crafty Pint / 15.02.11


With craft beer bucking the overall trend of falling beer sales in Australia and gaining traction in more and more corners of the country, there’s been much talk recently of the industry reaching t...

beer education Calling All Beer Bloggers & Writers

Crafty Pint / 14.02.11


As those of you who frequent the interwebs and read the weekly Crafty newsletter may have ascertained, there is in existence a body going by the rather grandiose name of the Australian Beer...

beer education Crafty's Ten for 2010 Pt II

Crafty Pint / 20.12.10


So the end of the year is here and with it the final five beers in The Crafty Pint’s look back at 2010 through ten beers that combine quality with being representative of the current state of...

beer education Crafty's Ten for 2010

Crafty Pint / 13.12.10


First thing’s first: this is not a top ten or “Best of…” list. There will be plenty of those flying around and, as a site that doesn’t rate or review beers, it would seem a little odd to pick our f...

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