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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 2 October 2014

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beer festivals Australia's Craft Beer Festivals

Crafty Pint / 25.07.14


As you clasp your hands around a goblet of imperial stout and beg for it to waste no time in warming you from the inside, the warmer weather of spring and summer – and the avalanche of beer...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: GBW Presents Mega Dega II

Crafty Pint / 08.06.14


At the 2013 festival, Good Beer Week introduced the Mega Dega as the headline event in its Foodie stream. The idea was to bring together chefs from a number of Melbourne’s top restaurants and pair ...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: Game of Cones

Crafty Pint / 03.06.14


Good Beer Week 2014 saw craft beer enter new territories once more. Nothing was sacred, not even Victoria’s tourism icons. On the opening weekend, Hargreaves Hill took Oregon’s Deschutes on board P...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: Woods of the North

Max Brearley / 29.05.14


It was a pretty great Good Beer Week for the breweries operating out of Theobald Street in Thornbury. The brewery’s original inhabitants, 3 Ravens, were named Champion Small Australian Brewery and ...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: De Vrolijke Boot

Crafty Pint / 28.05.14


Short of unintended consumption when forced into cleaning out a horse’s stable once as a child or possible face plants into bales at music festivals, it is hard to recall hay having passed the...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: Boatrocker Palate Cleanser

Pia Poynton / 27.05.14


Hmmm… Looks like there may be a bit of love for Boatrocker within the Crafty team. Here’s Pia “girlplusbeer / Crafty Pint WA” Poynton’s take on Sunday’s Good Beer Week Palate Cleanser at the...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: Temple x Weihenstephan Brewligious Experience

Pia Poynton / 22.05.14


The head brewer from the world’s oldest brewery, Frank Peifer of Weihenstephan, returned to Temple in Brunswick East for his second collaborative brew there. The Crafty Pint crew (VIC and WA) went ...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: GBW Presents Brew vs Cru

Crafty Pint / 22.05.14


At the 2013 Good Beer Week, late into the evening at the Brooklyn Brewery Party at the Great Northern, the New York brewery’s GM Eric Ottaway said that if they could get their brewmaster to the...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Review: Russian Imperial Banquet

Pia Poynton / 20.05.14


Talk about putting the boss to shame… At some point, we plan to bring you write ups of the Masterclass of Madness and Brew vs Cru but already – within hours of the event finishing – Crafty Pint...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014: Sold Out Events

Crafty Pint / 20.05.14


Not long now until the fourth Good Beer Week kicks off and the number of sellouts is mounting. As in past years, as part of our role as the festival’s online media partner, we’re keeping an...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Preview: Daytime Offerings

Crafty Pint / 19.05.14


With Good Beer Week in full swing and more visitors arriving in Melbourne by the day, for the final of our themed previews of this year’s festival we thought we would look at the daytime events on ...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Previews: Ale of a Time

Crafty Pint / 15.05.14


We admitted when we posted the last of our Good Beer Week previews that, despite intentions to run them twice weekly on The Crafty Pint in the lead up to the festival, time – or, more...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Preview: Quirky Stuff

Crafty Pint / 09.05.14


Well, the intention was there at least… Yes, we planned to run weekly – even bi-weekly – themed previews for this year’s Good Beer Week Festival. But, low and behold, it turns out that being...

beer festivals Good Beer Week 2014 Preview: Brewery Action

Crafty Pint / 24.04.14


The biggest week in the Australian beer calendar is looming large. In just 22 days, the Good Beer Week 2014 Opening Party at The Terminus will herald nine days of awesome beery action across...

beer festivals Beer Travel: Beer Lovers Week & The Tasmanian International Beerfest 2013

Crafty Pint / 26.11.13


There was quite the choice for beer lovers this November when it came to beer events. There were concurrent beer weeks in Canberra, WA and Hobart plus the Beer Day Out, Beers By The Bay, Fremantle ...

beer festivals Beer Travel: The Fremantle BeerFest

Pia Poynton / 18.11.13


The curtain has just come down on this year’s WA Beer Week, having risen with the inaugural Fremantle BeerFest on the opening weekend. Pia Poynton, AKA girlplusbeer and also recent recipient of...

beer festivals Beer Travel: The 9th Australian Hotel Beer Festival

Crafty Pint / 22.10.13


It’s been a big few days for craft beer in Sydney. On Saturday, the third Sydney Craft Beer Week kicked off while, preceding it by a day (or six years depending on how you look at it) was the 9th A...

beer festivals Beer Festival Roundup

Crafty Pint / 27.08.13


The festival calendar becomes busier by the week as the popularity of craft beer grows. We’ll do our best to ensure they’re all listed in our Events Diary but figured it wouldn’t hurt to pull...

beer festivals Beer Travel: Beervana NZ 2013

Tiff Waldron / 16.08.13


The large contingent of Aussie beer lovers that made their way to Wellington’s superb annual Beervana festival last weekend should have just about shaken off the cobwebs by now. Among them was...

beer festivals Beer Travel: Great Australian Beer Festival, Geelong

Crafty Pint / 05.02.13


Victoria’s summer of beer festivals continued at the weekend with the arrival of the inaugural Great Australian Beer Festival. Taking over much of the Geelong Racecourse, it brought together...

beer festivals Get Ready For Good Beer Week 2013

Crafty Pint / 21.11.12


Submissions for the third Good Beer Week close on November 30 and through The Crafty Pint’s involvement on the organising committee we’re aware of loads of fantastic ideas for the festival. Next...

beer festivals Beer Festivals: Willoughby Craft Beer Fair

Nick O / 14.09.12


For a long while, craft beer has been considered a sleeping giant in Sydney. But perhaps, finally, the giant has awoken from its slumber. There are increasing signs that it is rising and...

beer festivals Good Beer Week: Around the Houses

Crafty Pint / 28.06.12


Missing Good Beer Week? If so, we’ve got good news. In the form of photos. Roving photographer – barman – beer lover Michael Carlson took his trusty camera around to a number of the Melbourne...

beer festivals Good Beer Week: Star Spangled Canners

Nick O / 29.05.12


When it comes to craft beer role models, it’s hard to look past our friends in the USA. Over the past few decades, they have turned their industry from essentially nothing into the largest in the w...

beer festivals Crafty Snaps: Liquid Lounge at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Crafty Pint / 21.03.12


Today’s the day the 20th – and biggest ever – Melbourne Food & Wine Festival draws to a close. It’s seen beer play a more central role than ever before, with the festival having its own beer...

beer festivals The South West Beer Festival 2012

Anthony Williams / 01.03.12


When the Western Australian Brewer’s Association (WABA) made its long-talked-about WA Craft Beer Showcase a reality in November last year, it seemed that Kevin Costner’s limited wisdom had finally ...

beer festivals Newcastle Craft Beer Week

Crafty Pint / 14.10.11


Thanks to the passion and hard work of two beer lovers, Newcastle is to host its first Craft Beer Week in November. Corey Crooks, from the Albion Hotel, and Mark Mead, manager of the Warners at...

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