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Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 18 September 2014

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beer travel James Halliday Article - Those Crafty Kiwis

Crafty Pint / 08.09.14


Given we’ve just filed our next feature for James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine, this time looking at the reevaluation of lagers in the craft beer world, it must be time to pluck another past ...

beer travel Beer Travel: Beervana 2014 & The Road To Beervana

Crafty Pint / 29.08.14


Last week, The Crafty Pint joined a huge contingent of Australian brewers and beer lovers to make the trek to Wellington. The Kiwi city now calls itself Craft Beer Capital and with good reason...

beer travel Beer Travel: World Beer Cup / Craft Brewers Conference 2014

Crafty Pint / 22.04.14


Every two years, the beer world gathers in the States for the World Beer Cup, the biggest beer awards of its kind, which runs alongside the annual US Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference...

beer travel Beer Travel: The Noisy Minor Shout 2014

Darren Magin / 08.04.14


OK, so we’re not 100 percent sure if what follows counts as beer travel. But there was a bus involved, there was beer and people moved around… The event in question was the second Noisy Minor...

beer travel Beer Travel: London and the Great British Beer Festival

Jamie Cook / 28.10.13


A few weeks ago, we ran a story on the “Gentleman’s Agreement” between Stone & Wood and London’s Camden Town Brewery. The two were to begin bringing each other’s beers into their respective...

beer travel Beer Travel: Brothers In Beer

Dan Hampton / 10.04.13


Beer reps and Beer Snobs Dan Hampton and Tim Fishwick recently embarked on a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane, calling in on breweries along the way. There, they gathered beers to be presented at ...

beer travel Beer Travel: Hops Spring Eternal

Chris Brady / 26.03.13


Big brewer: bad; craft brewer: good. It’s a hoary old perception and one to which no thoughtful beer drinker would give any credence. Just because beer brand X is ultimately owned by brewing giant ...

beer travel Brewer Abroad! Nick at Nøgne Ø Pt II

Nick Rhodes / 19.03.13


A few weeks back we ran an article by Holgate brewer Nick Rhodes, who had not long touched down in Norway to commence a brewing internship with Nøgne Ø. It was part of a brewer exchange that has...

beer travel Beer Travel: The South West Craft Beer Festival

Pia Poynton / 19.02.13


It was a very beery weekend here in the South West, more so than usual for an area with moremicrobreweries than anywhere else in the country, as thousands of craft beer drinkers descended on 3...

beer travel Brewer Abroad! Nick at Nøgne Ø Pt I

Crafty Pint / 08.02.13


A week ago, Nick Rhodes from Holgate boarded a plane in Melbourne bound for Norway. Coming the other way was Norwegian brewer Ingrid Skistad from Nøgne Ø. We brought you the story behind their...

beer travel Beer Travel: Ballarat Beer Festival 2013

Crafty Pint / 22.01.13


It’s always a good sign when something surprises even the people that are responsible for creating it. And that was the case last year when the inaugural Ballarat Beer Festival attracted such...

beer travel Beer Travel: Pacific Beer Expo

Dave Langlands / 01.11.12


Ninety per cent of the world’s earthquakes occur around the Pacific rim, and it is home to many of the world’s active volcanos. It is also the origin of Kava, tiki cocktails and big, fat party...

beer travel Goat On Goat

Crafty Pint / 30.10.12


It’s not uncommon for breweries to celebrate anniversaries with a new beer. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for them to celebrate with a party and a new beer, maybe even more than one party. For Cam and ...

beer travel Beer Travel: Beervana 2012

Crafty Pint / 27.08.12


When The Crafty Pint first attended a meeting of the Victorian Association of Microbreweries to explain our vision for the site a few years ago, the last line of the proposal we handed to the...

beer travel Beer Travel: The Beer Lovers Guide To Melbourne

Crafty Pint / 22.08.12


A few weeks' back, The Crafty Pint joined Dave Carswell, founder of the Melbourne By Foot tour company, on his latest venture. The Beer Lovers Guide To Melbourne is a nighttime walking tour of the ...

beer travel Beer Travel: Raising The Bar In Sydney

Nick O / 27.07.12


A wonderful thing about history is the way it allows us to look back and pinpoint exactly when things changed. One moment things are following a particular path, then something happens to set...

beer travel Our Man In: Blighty Pt 2

Crafty Pint / 13.07.12


Almost exactly a year ago, we ran a feature – Our Man In: Blighty Pt 1 – looking at the changing pub scene in the UK. The intention was to follow it within a few days with a look at what was going ...

beer travel Beer Travel: The Beers They Are A-Changin'

Justin McPhail / 22.06.12


Regular readers of The Crafty Pint will be well aware of the activities of Bendigo Beer, a group of beer lovers who have helped turn their city from a virtual craft beer wasteland into a thriving...

beer travel Beer Travel: A Journey Into Hops

Nick O / 10.05.12


The year was 1824. Beethoven was still alive and composing his symphonies, though you’d need to hear them live because radio wouldn’t be invented for about another eight decades. In that year, the ...

beer travel Beer Travel: Snag, Beer & Bubbles Fest 2012

Justin McPhail / 23.03.12


The summer festival season stretched into spring for the beer lovers of the Heathcote region when the Snag, Beer and Bubbles Fest returned for 2012. Taking over the Heathcote Agricultural...

beer travel Ballarat Beer Fest 2012

Tiffany Waldron / 25.01.12


Like most regional cities in Australia, Ballarat has been slow to catch on to the craft beer revolution that has swept the country’s capitals and many of its popular tourism regions. So it was...

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