The Crafty Planner: July 9 to 15

The Crafty Planner: July 9 to 15
Mon Jul 9 2012 by Crafty Pint

So what lies ahead this week in the world of Aussie craft beer? Plenty, as usual. For The Crafty Pint, there will be a first visit to the new Matilda Bay Brewery Bar and stops to see a few brewers and venues owners we’re keen to add to the site. That’s followed by a whistle stop trip to Sydney to call in on more venues and brewers, then Port Stephens for a spot of brewing with the NSW arm of the Crafty Crew before swinging north a week tomorrow for Queensland Beer Week.

If you’re after something to satisfy your crafty urges this week, you’ll find the following listed in our Events Diary. And if you’ve got something on that you’d like adding to the Diary, remember to email with details – particularly those of you outside Victoria as this week’s list is rather heavily weighted in favour of the Big V and we’re pretty sure people are having fun elsewhere…

All Week

  • The Wheaty continues its Font of Darkness month, showcasing some of the best dark beers available


  • Slowbeer kicks off a new series of themed tastings at its new Richmond store with the Sweet Tooth Ale Trail


  • The rather lovely Junction Beer Hall continues its series of Meet The Brewer events by welcoming Two Birds' Jayne Lewis into the house hot on the heels of the launch of her second beer, the Sunset Ale


  • It’s Beer and “Dude Food” time at Melbourne’s Hare and Grace as the Matilda Bay crew drop in armed with beer
  • The guys who fed and entertained us at Gypsy & The Goat and the Good Beer Week Masterclass host their first beer dinner with Cavalier at their new venue in Collingwood


  • Like men possessed, the Bendigo Beer team continues its mission with a night of Holgate talk and beer at El Gordo


  • Australia’s premier beer and cycling themed Tour de France event returns to Beechworth with Bridge Road founder Ben Kraus leading those feeling active in a ride before hooking up with the SBS team via Skype and lanching into a night of beer, food and big screen cycling
Bendigo Craft Beer Festival

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