The Crafty Planner: July 16 to 22

The Crafty Planner: July 16 to 22
Mon Jul 16 2012 by Crafty Pint

Another big week lies ahead in the world of Aussie craft beer, not least with the arrival of the first Queensland Beer Week. A year or so, if someone had suggested such an event could take place they’d have been laughed out of town. Yet here we are, with around 60 events lined up for the coming seven days.

Having spent the weekend calling in on some of Sydney’s growing number of craft breweries and craft-friendly venues, it’s Port Stephens today for the creation of the Auld Bulgin’s Tricep (or will it be renamed the Auld Bulgin' Boyesterous Bicep?) – the Crafty Pint entry into Beervana NZ’s Media Brew competition. Then, after a night with the The Albion Hotel and Warners at the Bay crew, it’s Brisbane tomorrow to call into the likes of The Scratch, Bacchus Brewing and a few QBW events. Can’t wait…

If you’re looking for something to do, here’s what we’ve got listed in the Events Diary:

All week


  • Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse St Kilda celebrates its fourth birthday by inviting the Thornbridge brewing team into the house via Skype


  • Mountain Goat and Rocks Brewing get foodified at the Art Gallery of NSW
  • The Thornbridge show calls in to The Local Taphouse Darlo for the Sydney leg of July’s Ale Stars
  • The Meet The Brewer series continues at the Junction Beer Hall (look out for a competition from the Junction in this Friday’s newsletter too…)


  • Head to Bunbury for your chance to meet the brewers behind the Mash Brewing beers
  • The 36 Collective, who provided the food and theatre at our Gypsy & The Goat event, host a Cavalier beer dinner


  • The Bendigo Beer guys talk Ewes, Brews, Stews and Blues at the Bendigo Festival of the Lamb


  • The one time non-Italians can use the phrase “Ciao” without looking like a plonker as both Taphouses turn over their taps to some of the great beers coming out of Italy at their latest SpecTAPular
  • There’s more Ewes, Brews, Stews and Blues at the Festival of the Lamb
  • Prepare to bade farewell to the bar and cafe at Red Hill at their two-day Secret Stash event


Enough to keep you going? If you’d like to see your crafty events listed in the Events Diary, simply email the details to

Temple Brewing

@CraftyPint Instagram


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