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Zaphod Beer-blebrox

Zaphod Beer-blebrox
Mon Nov 12 2012 by Crafty Pint

Anyone who’s frequented Chapel St Cellars in Windsor will be well aware of its eclectic nature. Many of the world’s finest beers sit alongside rare sakes, unusual soft drinks, curious spirits and a wealth of small batch wines. The bottleshop-cum-bar is a reflection of its owners, with Joanne Mamone and Rob Burness on a seemingly never-ending mission to unearth ever more intriguing liquid-based delights to share with their customers.

So news that the couple are now handling two of the world’s most adventurous brewers' beers in Australia makes sense. Under their new business, Beeblebrox Beverages – named presumably after the two-headed character from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy who invented the Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster – they will be distributing for BrewDog and Mikkeller. They’ve also signed with Drikkerigit, the company run by Mikkel’s brother that has rights to distribute a wide range of other leading breweries' beers, including Alesmith, De Molen and Dark Horse.

“We want Australia to get to know and love the beers as much as we do,” says Rob. “We know from our retail shop that there is such a huge interest in both local and imported craft beer. We have a schedule of events planned to get the beers into as many hands (or mouths) as possible from early next year – if we can do that, they will sell themselves.”

The pair have experience of importing and distribution, counting cult tonic wine from the UK, Buckfast, among their previous products. They have also held events at Chapel St Cellars with both James Watt from BrewDog and Mikkel when they have been in Melbourne for Good Beer Week 2011 and this year’s Melbourne Food & Wine Festival respectively.

“Brewdog is at the forefront of the craft beer revolution. We have always loved their beer and the way they live their brand,“ says Joanne. “It is such a privilege to be able to represent James Watt and Martin Dickie and their team.”

As for their Chapel St shop, that will continue to operate as before.

“It’s going bigger and better than ever before,” says Joanne. “We have people coming from interstate just to see us. It’s becoming more of a bar than a bottleshop – things just keep getting better and better.”

And as for the new distribution business, Beeblebrox’s first container is due to arrive in Australia this week.

“It’s exciting and frightening at the same time,” says Joanne.

Which is presumably how many drinkers feel when approaching some of the beers from BrewDog and Mikkeller too.

Beeblebrox will be distributing throughout Australia via a combination of their own sales staff and agency agreements. You can find out more on their website.


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