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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Thursday 2 October 2014

Turning Water To Beer

Crafty Pint / 03.05.11


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: beer has a lovely habit of bringing people together and making things happen. Things such as this, a song about the joys of good beer that comes to you just in time for Good Beer Week. It needs no introduction, but as we need to fill this space so the front page of Crafty doesn’t malfunction, we thought we should tell you it’s been written by Melbourne comedy duo ElbowSkin and shot by The Post Project’s Rob Stagg and Alister Robbie (who also did the editing) – all because they love beer and we asked them nicely.

You might spot Mountain Goat brewery (while the Abbotsford brew is taking place, no less), the Royston, Moon Dog and Courthouse Hotel in there too, all of whom let us take over their venues because they love beer and we asked them nicely too.

Which just leaves you to press play and, hopefully, enjoy the clip. Cheers!

Beer Song by ElbowSkin from Alister Robbie on Vimeo.

By the way, a few people have asked if they’re OK to share / embed the video. You sure are, folks. This is our gift to you!


Scott — 03 May at 05:11PM

BRILLIANT - Might forward this on to a few people!

Bob — 03 May at 05:23PM

Great Work!

Goat — 03 May at 05:35PM

Two shooting stars ejaculated into the sky - they burn so bright!

greenman — 03 May at 05:46PM

Awesome! Shivers down my spine....f*#k I LOVE beer!!!!

James — 03 May at 06:04PM

hahaha...BEERutiful video! Damn, I'm thirsty now.

Shame that Moon Dog mash tun wasn't full...I'm sure it would have been much more...err...comfortable that way!

Now, how do we request this to be aired on Rage? This video would fit perfectly with my Saturday nights.

Scott — 03 May at 06:13PM

Awesome work! Sounds best when turned up to 12

jcw — 03 May at 06:26PM

"We'd turn Christian for beer..." CLASSIC !!

ben — 03 May at 07:49PM

Nice t-shirt Alister!

Steve J — 03 May at 11:26PM

Love it!

When will the Women in Beer movie be released or has it gone straight to DVD?

Alister — 04 May at 12:30AM

haha. cheers Ben. I was wondering if you would spot that.
Thanks everyone for the kind words about the clip. I think everyone is stoked with how it turned out. Of course it always helps when working with lads as talented as the ElbowSkin crew.


Crafty Pint — 04 May at 12:34AM

Alister's thanks seconded.

Steve J - it's slipped down the priority list somewhat. Fed Sq roundup and the Good Beer Week brew are above it in the editing schedule, while the Crafty-consuming behemoth that is Good Beer Week itself (and getting the next load of listings finished) also come first, I'm afraid.

Will — 05 May at 01:06PM

That is awesome, well done.

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