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Crafty Pint

Your Guide to Australian Craft Beer / Tuesday 23 September 2014

What Jayne Did Next

Crafty Pint / 23.06.11


The success that women are enjoying in Australia’s brewing industry is well documented. There are female brewers at a number of leading craft breweries and many others who play key roles in the running of breweries and industry bodies too. And now, having bade farewell to Mountain Goat, Jayne Lewis is setting about establishing the country’s all female brewing company, the cheekily titles Two Birds Brewing.

We’re aware that Jayne’s been playing around with recipes at home for a while now and, given her parting gift to the Goats was a version of the Rapunzel Belgian Golden Ale that had been aged for 15 months in chardonnay barrels then blended with another beer, expectations will be high for anyone who’s enjoyed the beers coming out of Richmond in the past few years. That said, there’s still no word of what the first beer will be. It will be brewed under contract as Jayne and business partner Danielle Allen set about building their own brewery, which they hope to open within 18 months.


Jayne, who left her winemaker roots in Margaret River to join Little Creatures before heading to Matilda Bay and then Mountain Goat, says: “We hope to introduce something new, fresh and approachable to the market and encourage both female and male beer drinkers. We are in this for the long haul and plan to help build on the momentum for the growing Good Beer movement.”

For the time being, you can keep up to date with progress by following Jayne on Twitter or Two Birds Brewing on Facebook. Watch out for a first beer arriving for Spring.


Nardia — 23 June at 07:28AM

Good luck, Jayne! I know you'll do a fantastic job!

Nick — 23 June at 09:43AM

Put a bird on it!

Ryan M — 23 June at 06:28PM

I haven't got word from the horse's mouth, but let's not forget that Mountain Goat dropped their LEGENDARY Pale Ale, one that I believe the likes of Kooinda are now modelled on and replaced it with the hipster friendly swill that is Steam Ale around the time of Jayne's tenure. Every rose has it's thorn.

Tim — 23 June at 07:48PM

Go Girl!

Chris McBeer — 23 June at 11:16PM

Ryan M what have you been smoking? If you seriously believe that anybody other than Cam and Dave is responsible for that type of major decision about Goat's range you need to put down the crack pipe.

Your continual trolling in the online beeriverse does nothing more than prove to everybody that you are a complete muppet.

Ryan M — 24 June at 07:25PM

I'll quote myself here, twice, because you obviously missed it the first time. "I haven't got word from the horse's mouth" & "around the time of" are both clearly speculative statements.

If Oak-Aged Rapunzel is/was Jayne's parting gift, I'd have thought it was pretty fair & reasonable to assume that she'd had a part in some of the other brewing decisions along the line.

I'll put down the crack pipe, once you guys put down the peace pipe, break the chain of hands around the circle singing kumbaya.

Yes I've said some pretty inflammatory things, but it's because I actually give a shit, perhaps too much of one? I dunno.

For every beer I've panned and every post I've "trolled" I've sold 150x of something else (IMO) decent, respectable and likeable (My criteria: No big business interests, flavoursome, balanced, consistent, thought provoking), either over the counter myself, reviews or consulting work.

It's not anywhere near the one-way negative street you might think it is. As for the muppetry, give it a rest, the one that doesn't tow the line and get in the chain singing the song is the one that's scythed down? Me thinks I know where the muppets can be found.

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