Red Duck Red Admiral

Red Duck Brewery

Released November 26, 2010

Another Red Duck beer that looks to the UK for inspiration, this is a Celtic Ale by name, but one which brings much more to the table than that might suggest. Again displaying brewer Scott Wilson-Browne's love of layering different malts in his beers (with the use of the rarely seen, fairly mild US hop Glacier), this throws up all manner of aromas and flavours: rum-soaked cherries, stewed fruits, sweet caramel, raspberries and chocolate on the nose; plums, dark fruits and cocoa powder to taste. Pouring a deep ruby red, with some sediment and cloudiness, the bitterness is gentle and the alcohol invisible. According to Scott, 'the flavours are evocative of a rich plum pudding covered in treacle� while he says it's a nod to his Anglo-Saxon ancestry in Suffolk and 'is hoped to be a worthy tribute to the first King of the Suffolk Angles, Raedwald.� And when was the last time you could say that about a beer?

Celtic Red Ale
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