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Released December 13th, 2010

Crafty's not allowed to drink at the minute (there's a good reason) so it's over to the brewer's notes for the latest intriguing limited release beer from Red Duck. It's a hybrid beer ' a combination of Belgian witbier and the uber-rare Berliner weisse, an acidic, tart style of wheat beer that is deliberately soured ' made with rhubarb and raspberry and therefore pink. Scott says: 'At Red Duck we wanted to pay homage to Berliner Weisse, but wanted a very light tartiness, no sourness, and we didn't want to achieve this by adding lactobacillicus or lactic acid.. He started with a wit/weisse beer base, used a soft English ale yeast to avoid spice and extra alcohol formation, and added a lot of Raspberry & Rhubarb Jam. "When the sugars from the Raspberry & Rhubarb jam are stripped out during fermentation, the true flavours are no longer masked by sweetness,� he adds. 'The result is a very lightly coloured, soft pinky white ale, cloudy and very slightly tart.�

Fruit-infused hybrid
Red Duck Brewery

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