Red Hill Weizenbock (2011)

Red Hill Brewery

Published September 16, 2011

A beer whose popularity surprised the brewers, given strong German style wheat beers rocking in around 8% aren't exactly commonplace in Australia, the Weizenbock is Red Hill's first spring seasonal, a nice bridger as the weather warms up. When young, this dark beer offers up plenty of chocolate, toffee, clove and banana characteristics, with the sweetness balanced by some brewery grown hops and backed up by a gentle warmth from the alcohol. We've also tasted some bottles that were allowed to age for months and found the character significantly changed, with the more pungent banana and clove aromas fading and more dark sugar characteristics coming through, reminiscent of an aged Belgian dubbel. In other words, if you want to pick up a few - and trust yourself to resist temptation - it's a beer worth dabbling with in your cellar.


2013 stockists TBC but we know the first keg has been tapped at East Of Everything

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