Bridge Road / Ní¸gne í? India Saison (Oz)

Bridge Road Brewers

Released October 20, 2011

The first version of the Bridge Road / Ní¸gne í? collaboration to hit the shelves Down Under is the one brewed by Ben Kraus on his return from Norway, using the same recipe as that concocted with Kjetil Jikiun earlier in the year. The story is that the pair of saison lovers decided to make one with a bunch of Aussie hops that weren't available in Europe at the time of the brew. Hop Products Australia sent Stella and Galaxy varieties over and both were used to create a highly hopped, high alcohol "India Saison". The original should be here soon. For now, you can tuck into the Aussie version and be blown away by the huge tropical fruit aromas. It's as pungently hoppy an aroma as you could wish for, and the hop character carries on in the mouth before the saison yeast pops its head up to say a gently spicy "Hello!" and remind you it's there. The saison character becomes more prominent as it warms, becoming almost two beers in one, two beers that seem to get on really rather well.

Highly hopped saison

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