Moo Brew Whisky Barrel-Aged Stout

Moo Brew

Published November 17, 2011

They do enjoy playing with their stout down at Moo, with this latest release a joint venture with Tasmania's Lark Distillery. MONA bar manager arranged the supply of a 100 litre barrel, which had previously had whisky aged in it for six years, which was filled with Moo Brew Stout, from which four 20 litre kegs were produced. The first keg was tapped at the screening of Beer Wars at the Museum of Old and New Art cinema, a second is being tapped at the distillery on November 20, where punters will have the opportunity to not only try the stout, but also the whisky that was aged in the barrel. Moo head brewer Owen Johnston and the head distiller from Lark will be there. According to Owen, the kegs are uniquely different, with the two from the bottom of the barrel having a more intense whisky character. The other two kegs will be tapped at the MONA Wine Bar and are unlikely to last long.

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