Red Hill Christmas Ale (2011)

Red Hill Brewery

Published December 2, 2011

Red Hill Christmas Ale

Time to break out the tinsel and get decorating the tree ' Christmas is a-coming. Which means the last of Red Hill's seasonals is a-coming too, a beer designed to accompany a rich Christmas pud on the big day. A strong Belgian ale in style, it pours a deep orange with a ruby tint and fires off all manner of sweet caramel and dried fruit aromas, topped off with spicy notes from the hops; at this early stage in its life, it's almost perfume like. Full-bodied and creamy, it's a complex bugger ' bitter, sweet, spicy and warming at the same time ' in which the 8.3% creeps up on you and reminds you that Christmas really is a time for taking things slow.

Belgian Strong Ale

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