The People's Pint: Double Hoptendre

Temple Brewing

Released May 15, 2012

We've written plenty about this beer already, given its unique conception through the competition we ran earlier in the year via The People's Pint website. Invented by Brisvegan Leo Hede, chosen by a public vote, turned into a beer by Ron Feruglio at Temple, launched during Good Beer Week at a night on which Steve Grossman announced their partnership in the Temple Good Beer Week Scholarship and now available at a selection of the country's top craft beer bars, it's the first of what we hope will be many People's Pints. Given Leo's description of the Double Hoptendre, Ron came up with a heavily hopped rye red ale that does all of those things. With much of the 15kg of First Gold and Styrian Goldings hops added late, the first thing that hits you is the floral and subtly spicy hops on the nose then a strikingly firm earthy bitterness. It's as the deeply red ale warms that it comes into its own, however, with the richness of the four different rye malts coming through to create a satisfying, hearty beer that takes Crafty back to fireside tables in northern English pubs. It's unlike pretty much any beer you'll find in Oz - and not just in the way it came to life.

Rye Red Ale


Pumphouse Bar

The Wheaty

Scratch Bar, Brisbane

Sail & Anchor, Fremantle

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