Red Hill Queen's Diamond Jubilee British IPA

Red Hill Brewery

Published June 8, 2012

It was time spent in the UK drinking real ales in British pubs that, at least in part, inspired the decision of Red Hill owners Karen and Dave Golding to embark on their brewing journey. So perhaps it's only right that upon returning from their latest jaunt around the UK that they should return with a new British beer. And how much more British can you get than a beer dedicated to old Queenie's 60 years in the top job? From the first whiff, it's a beer to transport you back to a cosy British pub (if you've ever been to one and drunk a strong English ale that is, with 5.5% being something of a big one by UK standards), with subtle sweet and earthy aromas of Goldings and Willamette (the latter an American take on English Fuggles), distinct malt flavours, and earthy, somewhat spicy hop flavours. The bottle we sampled had yet to undergo the additional dry-hopping or secondary conditioning that the version pouring from casks through the hand pump at the brewery (or the soon-to-be-released bottles) have been through so expect even more hops when you get your hands on some.

British IPA

Red Hill

Wider release coming soon...

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