Moon Dog Black Lung II

Moon Dog

Published July 14, 2012

The original Black Lung was quite possibly the Crafty Pint's pick of the Moon Dog beers to date. The sequel sees them replace the bourbon barrel aging with whisky instead and it's instantly apparent that the beer has picked up far more character from its time spent inside wood than the previous iteration. Considering it's been blended with an unwooded batch of the beer, one can only imagine how the unblended version must have tasted - like licking the inside of the barrel itself, perhaps! The intensity of that first hit requires a little adjustment of the palate - a bit like the initial taste of last year's awesome Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout - but once you've dialed things up the softer smokey character of the peated malt comes through along with some fruity hop flavours too. God knows how they mustered the fight to break on through, but just like Jimmy Morrison, they do, adding another layer of interest to this thick, tar like beast.

Smokey Stout
Moon Dog

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