Mornington Peninsula Scottish Ale

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released August 22, 2012

You have to wonder how long it will take the brewers at Mornington Peninsula Brewery to run out of beer styles to brew for their specials. In less than two years, they've banged out everything from a series of Imperials to a White IPA and much in between. Latest cab off the rank is a Scottish Ale, one which we're told is based on the 80/- (or 80 shilling style) - the sort we used to pour down our throats in Rose Street pubs when we were a lad after watching rugby at Murrayfield. Brewer AG says to look out for "lovely toffee malt flavors with subtle Scottish ale yeast notes" in a beer that's "had a good month conditioning". He says it's "deep ruby in colour ... delivers aromas of dates and fruity esters [with a] rich, malty palate that underpins lovely toffee and dark fruit flavours, and finishes with a subtle smokey note."

Scottish Ale

Woodlands Hotel

Alehouse Project, Brunswick East

The Park Hotel, Werribee

Oscar's Alehouse

Josie Bones

Junction Beer Hall


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