Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout 2012

Hargreaves Hill

Released September 19th, 2012

A beer that in its first incarnation last year blew The Crafty Pint and many of its big-beer-loving mates away and then, earlier this year, did the same to the judges at the Australian International Beer Awards, where it picked up a gold medal. Given its success, it had to return and, thus, here it is. Not quite as massive in terms of ABV as the last one, but still registering 11.3 per cent, it's a full-bodied, rich, roasty, creamy, everythingy kind of imperial stout - a little softer than last year's apparently too. It's a beer you can sit on for hours and which the brewers hope will find a home in many a cellar ready to be pulled out and shared as an after dinner treat with friends.

Russian Imperial Stout

On tap

The Alehouse Project

Courthouse Hotel

Hargreaves Hill

In bottle (out later this month)

[Purvis Cellars](/beer/bottleshop/purvis-beer/

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Hargreaves Hill

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On tap at Hargreaves Hill

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