Murray's Big Wednesday IPA


Published October 5, 2012

They love their Kiwi hops at Murray's and they know how to use them to make some great hoppy beers, such as the Icon 2IPA, a beer that was the first Aussie beer to really knock The Crafty Pint's socks off back in the day. They're at play again here, in the brewery's first IPA to appear in a bottle, which fills the gap between the Angry Man Pale Ale (formerly Nirvana) and said Icon. This time around, brewer Shawn Sherlock has done away with any bittering hops (in other words, those added to the kettle at the start of the boil for the purposes of making the beer bitter rather than adding any hop flavours or aromas) and instead put them in later on so that their flavour and aroma characters come through. The result is a pale ale that's bigger in alcohol than their Angry Man and bigger still when it comes to the hops. They've balanced the aggressive hop flavour with a blend of British and German malts, while the nose is a 'blend of citrus and spice ' almost passionfruit character� with a 'relatively dry� finish.


3443 Nelson Bay Rd
Bobs Farm
NSW 2316

(02) 4982 6411
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Public tours daily at 2pm. $5 per person. Bookings recommended.
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Extreme Brewery Tours via helicopter. (Murray is not the pilot - but he'd love to be). By appointment.