The Monk Chief "Superhop" Editions

Monk Brewery & Kitchen

Released October 15th, 2012

Few Aussie craft brewers need encouragement to experiment. Yet in this case, the guys at The Monk have been playing around out of necessity. Their normal Chief (and American IPA) uses the uber-popular American Citra hops. Such is the variety's uber-popularity that they, like many others, have been struggling to get their hands on any. So, rather than crawl up in a corner and cry into each other's arms, Steve and Paul decided they'd create the Chief "Superhop" editions. In other words, take the same basic recipe and try brewing it with all manner of other hops while they waited for Citra to become available again. For them, it's a chance to play with new hops, for punters it's a chance to see what they do to a beer. First up was the Centennial Edition, which has been followed by an Amarillo version. This will be followed by the Zythos (a new hop blend finding favour with hop-lovin' brewers) edition, which should hit taps some time in October or November. Silver linings an' all.

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