The Monk Bandito

Monk Brewery & Kitchen

Released January 23rd, 2013

Tall and hairy - as fair a description as one could give of the brewing team at The Monk Brewery and Kitchen. Well, except it's no longer a team, after one half of the hirsute pair departed at the end of 2012 to chase his brewing dream in the States. However, before Steve Brockman departed, he worked with former partner in crime Paul Wyman to create this "reinvention of the Mexican Lager". According to Paul: "When most think of Mexican lagers, they think of pale straw coloured beers, low on fizz in a clear bottle, unceremoniously crowned with a lemon or lime to completely blanket out any slight flavour that the beer had. This is not the beer we've brewed, we've created a Vienna Style Lager." All of which begs the question: "Why the hell is it not called a Vienna Lager?" Because, says Paul, during the late 19th century, Austrian settlers took the style to Central America. At The Monk, they're calling it the Bandito as it was brewed on the last day of Movember and they'd rocked "two ridiculously filthy moustaches for the whole month" and, he says "the beer is pretty bad ass as well". Enlivening the mix alongside a fairly typical Vienna lager malt bill are Summer and Stella hops plus some Blue Agave Nectar added late into the boil. The result, says Paul, is some fruity hop aromas and, thanks to the nectar more usually found in tequila, "a burnt toffee nose, with a sweet, slightly sharp, 'smokey' honey flavour" adding complexity to the soft biscuit flavours of the malt. Probably don't need to stick a lime in this one...

Mexican Vienna Lager

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