Mornington Peninsula Mosaic IPA

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Published February 21, 2013

In all honesty, we were getting rather concerned that something terrible had happened on the Mornington Peninsula. Fully two months had passed since we'd been notified of a new release from the prolific team at Mornington Peninsula Brewery. Should we notify the emergency services or start calling round the hospitals? Thankfully, normal service has resumed with the arrival of their Mosaic IPA. And, while it's a new beer, it's one that shares a trait with some of their past releases. One assumes that AG, the head brewer, must have a flashing red Batphone in his brewing cave that goes off every time a new hop variety is released commercially as, once again, he's amongst the very first in Australia to get his hands on one. This time it's Mosaic, which The Crafty Pint was previously told was the "son of Simcoe" by Prickly Moses but, according to Mornington Peninsula, is the "daughter of Simcoe"â?¦ Either way, this seahorse-like hop delivers an IPA in which "stone fruit aromas of peach and apricot abound, and lead into a palate bursting with passionfruit and ably supported by pine and grassy notes" - a fruit salad wrapped in a forest wrapped in an enigma taking pot shots at JFK. Or, as AG puts it more succinctly: "Lip-smacking."

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)
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