The Monk Dark Hefe

Monk Brewery & Kitchen

Released June 10th, 2013

Hot on the heels of becoming the only Aussie brewery to win a gold medal for an IPA at this year's Australian International Beer Awards (and picking up a swag of other medals too), The Monk has launched a cross breed of a beer. The Dark Hefe came about during the process of creating the collab beer The Monk brewed with Eagle Bay for this year's GABS. Head brewer Paul Wyman wanted to see how using dark roasted malts with the Hefeweizen yeast would combine and the result was a beer he says "pours a beautiful dark brown or burnt toffee colour which is produced by using a decent amount of crystal and roasted malts, with a hint of banana and clove aromas on the nose. Upon drinking, the malts unleash a solid amount of dark coca and roasted coffee flavours which is balanced out with a gentle amount of canned banana flavour coming from the Hefeweizen yeast." Mmmmm... canned banana. He continues: "The beer has a traditional lower bitterness level and has been highly carbonated to assist in the gentle cleansing finish to the beer; should be a great combination now that the seasons have changed in Fremantle."

Dark Hefeweizen
15 IBU

The Monk

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