Cavalier Mild & Berliner Weisse

Cavalier Brewing

Released November 20th, 2013

Why release one three per cent ABV beer when you can release two at the same time? Especially when you'd struggle to find two beers more different in every other way. According to Cavalier, the appearance of two low ABV beers at the same time is partly "because not many breweries do them in Australia, not properly anyway." But also because: "We like the idea of being able to drink full flavoured low alcohol beers, especially if you are driving. And with most good craft beer venues increasing their number of taps, it's harder to try a decent number of different beers without going over the limit. With low ABV beers you can."

The Mild, which is a keg only release, is "treacle-coloured with a creamy head" that was brewed with chocolate malt - look out for roast nut and ground coffee aromas. As for the Berliner Weisse - a sour German style beer that's becoming more popular with Aussie brewers - it may yet come in multiple formats. In other words, in addition to the straight, slightly acidic version there may be a couple of fruity takes on it too: pineapple/ginger and mango to be precise. According to the brewers: "We're still $%^#ing around with fruit stuff to see if we can get it right." Should they, we'll let you know.

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