Mornington Peninsula Brewery Black IPA

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released January 14, 2014

Midway through presenting the "Malt" week of the beer course we run with a fellow Good Beer Weeker late last year, we fell out. Not in a punching each others' lights out or sulking way, just in a "tomayto / tomahto" kind of way. He said Black IPAs were just gimmick beers, something brewed for geeks to talk about, we felt that they were a valid style and, when made well, one of the tastiest outcomes of the modern craft beer world's love of melding styles. Whether you think it gimmick or evolution, it's a style that many have dabbled in in Australia, including some superb takes by Feral, Temple, Mountain Goat, Kooinda and Murray's, and now Mornington Peninsula has released its own. Brewed with Galaxy and Amarillo hops and a good dose of Midnight Wheat, which adds blackness of colour without much in the way of blackness of flavour, it's described by brewer AG as "black with a mahogany hue and an off white head of foam ... for the daring." He adds that "generous dry-hopping lends pronounced tropical fruit aromas interlaced with moderate dark malt tones. Toasty malt character runs the length of a well balanced palate offset by pronounced hop bitterness and rich stone fruit flavours." Out now and also appearing at the brewery's Craft Beer Rising event as part of an IPA Face-Off.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)
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