Cavalier Brewing IPA

Cavalier Brewing

Released February 20th, 2014

Much as we'd love to, we don't always get to sample every single beer released in Australia before telling you about it. However, we do always try and get as much information about said beer out of the brewers before posting here. And sometimes, it would seem, we are more successful at this than at others. Anyone who has met Heath from Melbourne's Cavalier will know he likes to chat and has a way with words. Thus, we expected a little more than: "A beautifully rounded beer with a big hop flavour and aroma." when informed about their latest one-off, this IPA. So, ever in service to you, our dear readers, we pushed for more information. "Yes it's a one off, we brewed it because we are continuously rolling out limited release beers and cos we just wanted to make an IPA," was the replyâ?¦ Ah well, can't have it all all of the time. Actually, we did get a little more information later, namely that it is brewed with four American hop varieties ' Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic, Centennial ' and that it's "deep amber with a big hop flavour and aroma. A generous malt backbone with a warming alcohol presence and long lingering bitterness gives this beer great balance and complexity." They've also sent kegs out widely across Australia, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to find out and wax lyrical about it for yourself.

50 IBU
Cavalier Brewing

Unit 8/2 Derrimut Drive
VIC 3030

0476 196 744
Open Hours

Wednesday to Friday: midday to 8pm

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