Grifter Brewing Co Acid Drop

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Published February 24, 2014

What do dynamite, Post-Its and penicillin have in common with this beer from the Grifter Brewing Company? The answer is they all came about by accident. When the boys were brewing up a recipe for a Steam Ale, they experienced a bit of misfortune in the form of a dead burner, meaning they were stuck with 1400 litres of wort they were unable to boil. Because they hadn't yet mashed out the spent grain, they kept their wits about them and did what anyone should in that situation: call for The Doctor. The doctor in demand was Sydney's resident Berliner Weisse Meister, Darren Robinson from Doctor's Orders Brewing, who was able to give a bit of guidance in the methods behind brewing a no-boil Berliner Weisse. This essentially resulted in the wort getting transferred again and being left overnight to do what it does. Having determined to make the best of the situation, they promptly named the beer Sour Puss and prepared it for release only to realise they'd been scuppered again, this time by fellow Sydney brewer Wayward who had - merely a day earlier - released a Berliner Weisse calledâ?¦ Sour Puss. So, renamed again to Acid Drop, we end up with this cloudy creature which has a light and pleasant tartness without ever seeming too dry. Regardless of how it was made or what it's called, you should find a drop of this acid to be spot on for a late summer's day. NO

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