Nail Brewing Brown Ale (Dunn Brown)

Nail Brewing

Published March 7, 2014

Step-by-step, well over a decade after starting out as a craft brewer, the pieces are falling into place for Nail Brewing and its founder John Stallwood. As one half of the BrewCorp project (Feral is the other half) with a sizeable brewery capable of supplying Australia's eager beer lovers, the means has been there to brew plenty of beer and now, with distributors lined up in the eastern states (Heron Towers will receive the first Nail delivery to Victoria this March), the means to deliver that beer into those beer lovers' hands is there too. It will give the rest of Australia the chance to see why the beers that have formed Nail's core range have been so popular in its home state of WA and with beer judges across the country, but also to get their hands on a new and regular series of limited releases. The Nail Brew Log series will see John head to the brewery at Edith Cowan University to create a new small batch brew every six weeks. First up is this Brown Ale, named after one of his brewing mentors, Hugh Dunn, with subsequent beers to include an Imperial Porter (due for release on April 1) and a rauchbier. To many outside WA, Nail is probably best known for its Clout Stout, an epic-in-every-way-imaginable beer, but one that, in some ways, is out of keeping with the rest of his output. This beer, the Dunn Brown, is more typically Nail: a beer that is unpretentious, simply bloody well made. Specifically in this case you have a beer that pours brown, with an orange tint and an off white head, and offers up vanilla, chocolate fudge and Ovaltine aromas. It's fairly light in body, equally light in bitterness, with balanced chocolate and biscuit malt flavours and a lightly toasted finish.

Brown Ale

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