Australian Brewery Mexican Lager (Can)

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Published April 15, 2014

Now this should prove interesting in beer geek land. It almost feels like rolling a hand grenade into the midst of a group of beer aficionados and waiting for them to spot it and cry out in horror. Why? Well, the latest beer to appear in cans from the Australian Brewery is its Mexican Lager, "inspired by the hot plains of Mexico", decorated with psychedelic skulls, and essentially the lager designed with the brewery's home crowd in NW Sydney in mind - those who might shirk from the brewery's fine Pilsner (already available in cans). Brewed with maize and raw sugar, it has a touch of lemon in the aroma, some corn to taste and almost non-existent bitterness. Most of all, this pale straw-coloured beer with a surprisingly full body has a sweetness, both to smell and taste, backed up by a slightly savoury, spicy touch at the end. It makes for an inoffensive smasher; so inoffensive, in fact, it's bound to offend the craft beer hardcore. Now, just how do you drink from a can when there's a slice of lime in the way?

Mexican Lager

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