Nail Brewing Rauchbier (Smokey Burns)

Nail Brewing

Published May 1, 2014

The second in WA brewery Nail's Brew Log series of limited releases is also the second to pay a tribute to people that have assisted head brewer John Stallwood in his ongoing mission to get his beers to the masses. The first was named in honour of brewing mentor Hugh Dunn; this rauchbier (smoke beer) is dedicated to family members, in particular his sister Catherine and the Burns family who loaned money to the business when establishing the BrewCorp brewery with Feral so he could keep Nail 100 percent family owned. The beer featured the rarely used German rauch malt - a pale malt smoked over Beechwood - that lends it an "enticing smokiness" alongside fresh hop and light chocolate characteristics. He says it's fantastic with food too. "This beer is for the Burns Family," says John. "For helping me keep my dream alive." Next up in the Brew Log series will be an Imperial Porter; we've had a sneak peek and oh boy....

28 IBU

Find it at good bottleshops in WA now and further afield later in May

Nail Brewing

323 Collier Road
WA 6054

0413 87 2337