Mornington Peninsula Brewery Red Ale

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released May 15, 2014

You'd think with all their Good Beer Week events, not least a collaborative brew with the USA's Stillwater, and GABS on the horizon ' as well as the defence of their Best Stout Trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards ' it would be time for early nights and slippers by the fire down at Mornington Peninsula Brewery. But it seems you just can't keep those lovable rogues down. And thus it is that they are back with yet another limited release. It's a Red Ale ' not to be confused with their Little Irish Red Ale ' and one that head brewer AG reckons "will prove to be pretty damn popular". Admittedly, saying a Mornington Peninsula beer will prove to be pretty damn popular is like saying beer will be consumed in Melbourne nest week, but it does sound rather appealing. Fruitily dry-hopped with Cascade and based around chewy caramel malts from New Zealand maltster Gladfield, AG describes it as "deep burnished red in colour [with] grapefruit, raspberry and floral aromas [and a] smooth, quaffable, lightly sweet palate rounded out with caramel notes." And that's no lie.

You can still grab tickets for the Stillwater brew day here (although not if you're reading this after May 20)

Red Ale

Mornington Peninsula Brewery

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