The Monk Humorous Humulus

Monk Brewery & Kitchen

Released May 21st, 2014

Former Mountain Goat brewer, The Craig, returned to his home state of WA recently to take up his first head brewer role at The Monk in Freo. With a fine roster of brewers (most of whom are now at Colonial in Margaret River) having inhabited the brewhouse at The Monk before, he has much to live up to and now has his first new creation on the bar. The Humorous Humulus - not a Dr Seuss reference, apparently - is based on the Latin name for the hop flower, large amounts of which were used in this brew. Given the success of The Monk's other hoppy beers, not least the ever present Chief IPA, this is no doubt a good thing. This time around, Craig turned the mash tun into a temporary hop back, allowing him to "infuse a heap of hop flavour without extracting too much bitterness". He did so with Willamette hop flowers rather than pellets "to extract more flavour and aroma without the heavy bitterness that can be associated with hoppy beers". The result, he says, is: "One hell of a hoppy beer!"

Extra Pale Ale
30 IBU

The Monk

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