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Published August 29, 2014

It might just be us, but there seems to be a bit of a sinister air surrounding the Grifter Brewing Company these days. Following on from their winter oatmeal stout release, The Omen, comes Coven, an amber ale firmly encased within some striking coffin-shaped imagery. The word 'Coven' represents a gathering of witches and it's true you can almost imagine the three Grifter boys huddled around a vigorously overflowing boil, giant paddles held aloft, chanting, 'Double double, toil and trouble!�. But despite some dark connotations, in reality the reference is far more innocent; namely the gathering of a wide array of malts and hops in the brewhouse cauldron. This has led to a beer that, the brewers tell us, has 'luscious malt character combined with an array of subtle hop notes, ranging from earthy and spicy all the way to fruit and citrus�. Coming in at 5.7 per cent abv, they also suggest that this is a highly sessionable potion. NO

Of course, Coven also brings to mind this unique character.

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